North Korea launches satellite


Well, some time ago, I stated that N. Korea could be a threat to the U.S. But, some said N. Korea would never be able to create the technology to be a threat to us. I think my fears have been justified now.

South Korean naval vessel fires warning shots near North Korean patrol amid high tension | Fox News


I’m still not convinced that they have the technology. If that space launch was the real deal (if I recall correctly, they’ve faked it in the past), then the means very likely came from China in spite of the latter country’s pretending to be opposed to NK’s nuke and rocket programs.


I hope you’re right, FC. These kinds of dictators scare me.


That didn’t come out exactly as I meant it. What I’m really thinking is that if they have the technology, someone else (China) gave it to them (and probably had a hand in their nuke tech).


Either way, its not good. It never is.


If they can put a satellite in orbit they could put a nuke on it; detonate it high over the US and produce an EMP with devastating consequences.


An EMP blast, now that we all depend on cell phones and internet. Thats worse than the Cold War days.


What is an EMP blast?


Short for electromagnetic pulse. An initial fast intense burst of electromagnetic energy which accompanies a nuclear explosion followed by a second smaller burst as a result of high energy gamma rays ionizing the atmosphere. Most effective at high altitude. Massive destruction of non-shielded electronic equipment and the infrastructure of out electric power grid. Damage would be measured in trillions of dollars.


I don’t believe the N. Korean regime wants to commit suicide, which is what launching a missile against us would amount to. Atheist rules respond to MAD. Religious fanatics don’t, which makes them so scary.


NK is stupid enough to try something. The one thing China does not want is a Unified, democratic, Korea at its boarders. To that end they will placate NK leadership and give them technology peace-meal. China also knows that NK launching any strike against the US or her allies will only resume the Korean War, which I remind you we are still legally at war with them. China does not want a war with us no more than we want a war with them so they will get tight handed with NK if they have to. I do not fear NK simply because of they did ignore China a go against them I doubt China would help them Simply because it would mean war with the US and her allies. The only thing I fear from NK is that ridiculous haircut.


I read this morning that the satellite they launched is “spinning” in orbit. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?


Apparently the satellite is falling to pieces and is expected to fall out of the sky.


Whew! I hope that’s true.


It was just tumbling and useless, and they were able to correct it from what I heard. I still think there are Chinese fingerprints on that thing…



South Korea, Japan Take Steps to Penalize North Korea**
Seoul shuts down inter-Korean industrial park and Japan imposes sanctions after Pyongyang’s rocket launch
LINK >> South Korea, Japan Take Steps to Penalize North Korea - WSJ

Both Japan and South Korea took steps on Wednesday to penalize North Korea for its recent nuclear test and rocket launch, with Tokyo imposing sanctions and Seoul shutting down an inter-Korean industrial park.

The moves follow efforts by the U.S. to coordinate an international response…


…which means there are CLINTON “fingerprints” on it since it was Bill Clinton who sold/gave satellite technology to the Chinese during the 90’s.


Hmmm, let’s see. Both N Korea and Iran would love to take America down.

N Korea has nukes. Iran has missile capability. Do I sense the possibility of a collaborative effort on the part of these two countries?

Yes, I do.

N Korea NEEDS cash. Thanks to the Obama gang, Iran has cash.

The days of being able to take comfort from our enemies having one of these two technologies, but not the other, are OVER!!


There is nothing new in that speculation. People have been looking at that relationship for years. And you can toss in Russia too; they don’t help Iran just to be nice.

I think they have been over for a while. The ramifications just have not fully bloomed yet, but they will.


And THAT FACT is never brought out in all of these issues. The former slob of the WH sold our country to China. During his so-called “presidency” the left-wing media made light of it–and actually dropped the whole issue. Now, the chickens have come home to roost. That’s what happens when we allow a commie into the WH.