North Korea 'Photoshopped' marine landings photograph


North Korea has been caught doctoring a photograph to double the number of hovercraft in a military exercise as part of its increasingly aggressive propaganda campaign.

[SUB]North Korean leader Kim Jong-un uses a pair of binoculars to look towards the South at a lookout post earlier this month[/SUB]
The Stalinist regime also declared that it was severing a military hotline with South Korea – the third link to be cut in as many weeks.

North Korea ‘Photoshopped’ marine landings photograph - Telegraph

I wonder which one of his generals had to show this nutjob which way to hold the Binoculars?



Photoshop this, you commie bastards!


You know those missiles they are threatening us with. They’re fakes.

BBC News - New ICBM missiles at North Korea parade ‘fake’