Not backing down! California church remains open and launches attempt to recall Governor

Not backing down! California church remains open and launches attempt to recall Governor

The Governor of California has ordered churches across the state to shut their doors, while allowing marijuana shops, abortion mills, and casinos to stay open. Calvary Chapel Hills in Chino, California isn’t backing down. According to pastor Josh Blevins, Calvary Chapel Hills has remained open for worship throughout the pandemic lockdown orders issued by Governor Newsom.

Calvary Chapel Hills members are now leading the effort to recall Governor Newsom for his overreach and blatant attacks on Americans 1st Amendment freedom of religion.

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Let’s see who backs down first. Yes, Churches MUST stand up for Christ, and for the Bill of Rights. Newsome along with many Democrat governors are overreaching their responsibilities. However too many Churches and Christians have buried their collective heads in the sand, when it comes to Christian rights being assailed. Where is John McArthur, Dr Jeremiah in California, leading the way?

Oh, you are right for sure. Most do not have the balls to actually literally fight for their freedom. I do. I literally got into a fight the other day in front of Walmart with some BLM piece of filth. He had a rude surprise when he found out that I did not suffer from white guilt and I don’t back down to loudmouthed ghetto filth.

Near as I can tell Jeremiah is just trying to sell a book right now :frowning:

Yeah, most of the mega Church preachers are selling books or whatever they can. Sadly Dr Jeremiah was one of the best teaching pastors out there but seems to have gotten caught up with the big lights.

That’s too far.

You’re right to disdain BLM. The BLM organization is founded on the twin LIES that Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown were innocent. Those are lies because they both wrongfully attacked and brutally beat the men that justifiably shot them.

The loudmouths that push the BLM narrative have been duped, but they’re still created in the image of God, sinners in need of salvation. Calling them “ghetto filth” is pejorative for the wrong reason and unnecessarily provocative.

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Good for them! While they’re at it, they should point out he was idiot for closing down the beaches. That is literally the best place to be.

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Says who. You? If I will fight some ghetto filth in person for trying to shut me up, then you’re nuts if you think YOU are going to shut me up. They ARE filth.

I suggest you live near the ghettos for a year like I did in Oakland. They are filth, Mr. “I Am Lily White and I Blab bout Stuff I Have Never Experienced.”

If the devil is at work in the world, two of his agents are Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA. I am not a believer in the devil, but I can spot evil, and those two organizations are part of it.

They take an incident that draws people’s attention and blow it out of proportion. When they get done, the original reason for the protest has been largely forgotten. This has been the far-left play book since at least the turn of the last of the last century.