NOT breaking news: Transgender youths want reverse surgery

You’re not going to see this in the media…it does not fit their narrative.

Very sad.

The liberals and leftists were so eager to rebel and tear down everything remotely like establishment that they even pushed acceptance of being dissatisfied with the sex God made us. That dissatisfaction led to surgeries. Now after a year, the euphoria of rebellion has worn off. But damage has been done. Very sad.


What really disturbing is that these liberal know-it-alls are telling us that children “know” that they should be a different gender at a very young age. Some of these fools are saying that it’s as young as kindergarten. At the that tender age they start badgering children about this issue when they have no idea or at most very few ideas about what sex and gender are.

All this has to do with the disgusting notion that everyone has bow down to their rules and use neutral gender pronouns and words. I am sick of this nonsense. If you are offended that I use a pronoun like, “he” or “she” than I probably don’t want to have much to do with you anyway.

Maybe we should call all of them “it.” There’s a neutral gender pronoun. It is my understanding that you can get in trouble in college now for not using the right gender-neutral language. It makes me glad that I have graduated with my two degrees and won’t need to put up with this nonsense if I were to need any more.

What ever happened to academic freedom? It’s gone along with a lot of other sensible rules of human behavior. These people obviously live in a world that totally divorced from reality and reasonable discourse.

Just because you are gay, transsexual or who knows what these days (Some fool on the radio said that there over 100 “genders” now.) does not mean that you have a right to dictate the words that other people use, when in the normal discourse of life, we have treated you with respect.

A guy is male. It doesn’t MATTER what he THINKS he is. Unless he can change his DNA, he’s ALWAYS going to be male…period. A girl is female. It ALSO doesn’t matter what she thinks she is. Unless SHE can change her DNA, she’s always going to be FEMALE…period. Guys don’t have babies and girls don’t have testicles that produce sperm. NOTHING changes that.

Another sad note about those who undergo “gender reassignment surgery” is that they’re at a higher risk of suicide.

I don’t think they’ll be able to hide it, though.

This is a big one, and I understand it all too well, albeit indirectly. I was sexually abused starting as a preschooler, which awakened my sexual awareness at an age when I couldn’t begin to understand it, let alone know how to handle it responsibly. The same is true of any sexual awareness at such ages.

Yup. Except for rare biological disorders (XXY, maybe other disorders), the chromosomes don’t lie; you’re either XX, or XY.