Not Slipping On Pee! (lol)

Couldn’t figure out where to post this?

Well anyways … Just D@mn!

Went to the store today.

Slipped on the floor.
Tried to catch myself by grabbing a shelf but my feet flew out from beneath me anyway.
I hit the side of my head on the shelf and banged my arm on the floor in such a manner as to twist my shoulder and hurt my elbow.
(Big time swelling)

Neck started hurting an hour later, (From head being banged on shelf?).

Store (Kroger) has the report.

I had just grabbed a thing of dawn when I noticed a “Caution, Wet Floor” sign ahead.

Thinking that the Wet Floor was on the ‘other side’ of the warning, I didn’t have time to realize that … “I was slipping on the Wet Floor already!”
(The sign was on the other side of the spill.)

I was a little dazed and on my @zz as I looked around and wondered what had happened!

I couldn’t understand what I could have slipped on, What was So slippery if it wasn’t ball bearings? LOL

To my left and beneath me was a yellow puddle.

Talk about embarrassing … I couldn’t believe that I must have slipped in my own pee!?
(Even at my age, 67, you know when you have to pee?)

Thankfully it was just a puddle of yellow colored dish soap.

Well, that was my day … How was yours? 8)

I just read that she sued Kroger and won $3M. I wonder if she ever goes to McDonald’s for HOT coffee…the stoopids are at it again!