Notice the dates

The coup appears to have started ten days into Trumps Presidency.

Some of you probably know who this guy is?

For those that don’t, Mark S, Zaid is the attorney for the not so secret, not really a whistleblower-whistleblower Eric Ciaramella!

Eric Ciaramella was fired from a White House position for leaking. The CIA who placed him in that job didn’t fire him, but simply moved him back to Langley.

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Yes, the Democrats were gearing up to impeach Trump even before he took office. They started by using the courts to get what they could not win at the ballot box. Now they using Congress in the same way, much to the detriment of the country. Nothing is getting done.

I hope that Trump goes after the “do nothing Democrat Congress” in a big way. The evidence is overwhelming. Congress can’t even consider, let alone pass the new North American trade agreement. Years ago the Democrats would pay dearly for their malfeasance. Now, with an electorate populated by snowflakes, they stand a good chance of taking control.

In the mean time, Bernie Sanders, America’s answer to Hugo Chavez, has announced his immigration policy. Open borders, immediate welfare benefits for illegal aliens and the end ICE or any sort of immigration law enforcement. No doubt the other far left Democrats will endorse this in one way or another.

If this comes to pass, our country will be invaded, overwhelmed, bankrupt and finished. Calling Bernie Sanders a traitor is not an overstatement. The only other alternative is to call him insane.