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Earth - Rise to Glory


Mrs. S in CA gave me a one-year subscription to Pandora Radio. I’ve been listening mostly to their The Association (60s pop) and Bob James (light jazz, e.g. “Theme from Taxi”, which was done by Bob James) “stations”.


“A Bug’s Life Suite” - title theme from A Bug’s Life. =) Composed by Randy Newman


…Where Blood Will Soon Be Shed- Falkenbach


Easy Winners by Scott Joplin


Alan Parson’s Project, “Eye in the Sky”


Gave that to myself for Christmas XD. I rather like Pandora, but I’ve seen a lot lot of people knock it…?


Together As One- Death


I like Slacker Radio better, but the best is Groove Shark.


what no vids???


This is one awesome song & video, giving tribute to the heros in our everyday life:




I don’t care what some of you all might think… THIS…MOVIE… OWNED!


Elena Siegman - Abracadavre


Can any Mod sticky this?


“What Will We Do With a Drunken Sailor?” - Irish Rovers version

God, I love sea shanties. <3 <3 <3


Me & You by Nero


I just love this piece by Sharpio.


Someone out there can do this, there is a swedish character out there who does internet videos Freddie Greddie [ I believe],he does a cover of Queen’s ‘Killer Queen’ I was quite impressed with.


this is the anthem of the return