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Ahma open my media player, hit play annnnnd…

Primus - Tippi Toes - YouTube


Probably one of my favorite artists, by far the best guitarist still to this day IMO.

Jimi Hendrix - Little Wing (live at Winterland) - YouTube




LOL can’t decide if I like this or it’s time for Dan to hang it up. It is fun to watch the folks in the orchestra rock out!


I love chilling to this song. Very relaxing, though maybe not the most clever of lyrics haha.


Both versions of this song are great.


Sara Evans - Some Things Never Change - YouTube

Sara Evans is AMAZINGGGG.


Авиатор - Не удержать (Official video) - YouTube

Getting in touch with my Russian heritage a bit :slight_smile:



First one is from 1991 I think, second is from 2007.





Heart Of Gold by Neil Young Live.

Its a pretty cool song 'cause of that harmonica, the lyrics, the music, and the voice of Neil Young which is a pretty good voice.



Chris Tomlin, Whom Shall I Fear?


Feeling a bit down and nostalgic.



For a change of pace try ’ Igudesman and Joo, “All by myself” and other offbeat wacky tunes. They are both fine musicians in their own right Joo is a tremendous Concert Pianist Igudesman is a concert caliber violinist


Girlfriend just sent me this… and yes, she likes zombies. XD Warning, kinda graphic… it IS zombies.