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here’s another, older album by Oystein Sevag, tune with Lakki Patey,’ Cahuita 'from the Album ‘Visual’


This just popped up on me. Nice song. Been awhile.


I realize that you all don’t care for my style of music but i’ll keep on bringing you examples of GOOD music :biggrin:
Try Nicholas Gunn ’ Emerald Spring’ from an album dedicated to Yosemite.
Last evening I listened to Catrin Finch, ‘Crossing the Stone’ she is an amazing contemporary harpist from Wales. was Harpist to his majesty Prince Charles. also 'Eternal Dream’
I also listened to David Gilmour and David Bowie in concert together and Gilmour doing the complete rendition of Echoes [22+ min long] [ yes I like Pink Floyd]


another interesting group from Hungary DaKsha and right now playing ‘Angel Wings’ from Ascendent.---------------------------------no takers eh?


I’d recommend everybody watch this performance at least once. The best loudest tenor of all time,


Here’s one of the most beautiful quartet with my favorite tenor of all time and a women with a beautiful voice perhaps the most beautiful voice I’ve ever heard,


Not much action on this thread. But I am right now listening to Paul Winter “Love Swim” from callings He is a master clarinetist and the loveswim is I believe with seals If you like it he also did an album in the Grand Canyon called Canyons It really is recorded in the Grand Canyon with the open and close in St John’s Cathedral in New York on the Organ.


B’Tribe "Matador de sa Pena , from Spiritual- Spiritual; and also find others by this group. really unique.


I realize most don’t like my stuff, but Catrin Finch, 'Crossing the Stone" from the album Crossing the Stone. Just gorgeous


One thing about being stuck in a snow plow, you get to catch up on your music!



Right now there are, what I call, Epic albums of fusion music [ for the lack of a better term ] Epic for the grandeur of the compositions
Michael Atkinson "Gaelic heart"
Bradley Joseph "Paint the Sky"
Sean Christopher " Transcendence}
All are pure Orchestral power


right now, on soundscapes Thierry David " Silhouettes at dusk" smmmooooooooth


If you like fusion music, you should check out the bands Ozric Tentacles and Shpongle. They’re a mix of instrumental rock, world music, electronica, ambient, jazz, and funk.

As for what I’m listening to:


I’ll tell you all what. I have spent the evening floating around the Youtube, first Mars lazar “Unforgiven”; Sean Christopher on Andromeda from Transcendence; Then to Ivan Rebroff " Wolgalied" and a few other songs, then Virgil Fox " Come Sweet Death" on the Wanamaker Organ and Middleschulte’s “Perpentum Mobile”; then went to some Gaither Gospel, first with Ivan Parker and the group singing “Midnight Cry” and then the Quartet Doing Let “Freedom Ring” Which , to me, is one of the most powerful songs they have done to date.
A couple folks here, once asked what my voice was like well I studied opera and did a lot of vocalizing and tone prep with Rebroff recordings and I got a lot of music from his publisher. Of course I’m old now but then my voice was close to his but nowhere near as powerful
As to Virgil Fox, My mother and Virgil were close though her college years at Peabody Conservatory [ which is part of Johns Hopkins now] And she was with him as he wrote the arrangement for Come Sweet Death as a dedication piece for the Wanamaker organ in Philadelphia. They remained friends until his death in the early 80’s. She was his prize student, and one of the better organists through much of her life. Played until she was 95 , and passed on at 96.


“Heavy Heart” by Daryl Stuermer…never heard of 'im, but 'e makes that sixstring sing, don’t 'e? Thanks Pandora!



Any AC/DC fans?


Bets AC/DC song performed live right here,



Takes me back. . . to 0 years old :smiley: