NP (Now Playing - music)


Well, it was “While We Cry” (live) by Kenny Wayne Sheppard while I was trying to load this page and sign in. Now it’s “Beware Dark Days” by Andy Timmons…


a little 2002 "A Dream Creation"
and now a little Jonn Serrie, “Wind Walker” I do like Soundscapes


“There for me” Sarah Brightman and Josh Groban.


Jennifer Thomas: Eventide from Illumination.


Keiko Matsui: Whispers from the mirror from the Piano. Love her work!


Kirk Franklin - I Need You to Survive

If there is one thing I love it is Gospel music.


Venessa Williams - Save the best for last

Haven’t heard this song in 15 years and from the moment I listen to it I step in heaven. I’m not on drugs so don’t ask.


Massive Attack’s Teardrop (Theme to House) played using fruits & vegetables

You’ll be saying “Gee, if a mushroom makes that sound, I wonder which one of these would make the “dah dah” noise from Law & Order?”


Flash Dance!!!


Look up The Orphan Returns home by Larkenlyre from the album of the same name. Very unique


I just sampled the Album "Music of extraordinary Voyages: Larkenlyre. This is an extraordinary album. Somebody look up the " The Orphan Returns"
What I am finding right now is a number of ‘epic’ albums’ “Paint the Sky with Stars” Bradley Joseph and “Transcendence” Sean Christopher to name a couple . Somebody sample these and tell me what you think.


Rod Stewert - Downtown Train was my favorite song growing up. Brings back the best memories of my life and so this song holds a special place in my heart.


These girls might have a future


I will resurrect this and again I put up Larkenlyre, Music of Extraordinary Voyages (I know you kids don’t like my type of music but this is an interesting album) They played today Mistral winds


Let’s try Jennifer Thomas. I am beginning to see you all don’t like my type of music, ‘sniff’ but hey I’ll just thrust it on you all anyway. "eventide or anything from Illumination


One of the few Christmas songs I don’t get tired of by the end of the holiday season :smiley:

Couldn’t find exactly the version I was looking for, still good though :]




Well something Eclectic; I found them fun, Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox anything. Seen on YouTube. try “All about that bass” and a host of other campy tunes.


Guilty (Duet With Barry Gibb) Barbra Streisand
You’ll Never Find Another Love Like Mine Lou Rawls
Lady Love Lou Rawls
Rhiannon Fleetwood Mac
Everywhere Fleetwood Mac
Gypsy Fleetwood Mac
Dreams Fleetwood Mac
Day To Feel Alive Jake Reese
Never On Sunday Ray Conniff and His Orchestra & Chorus
Boum! Charles Trenet
Rolling in the Deep Adele
Born to Wander Jack Wood
Brazil Ray Conniff and His Orchestra & Chorus
Sing a Song Earth, Wind & Fire
Fantasy Earth, Wind & Fire
Tonight Larry Kert & Carol Lawrence Broadway: The Great Original Cast Recordings
I Could Have Danced All Night Julie Andrews, Philippa Bevans, Franz Allers & My Fair Lady Orchestra
September In the Rain Marty Robbins
The Girl from Ipanema Chad & Jeremy
September In the Rain Chad & Jeremy