NRA: Another Dangerous Flip-Flop on Gun-Free School Zones


NRA: Another Dangerous Flip-Flop on Gun-Free School Zones


Bigfoot, could you at leat post a paragraph or two?

Anyway, I,, have already vociferously decried the idiot idea of having the feds involved in school protection.

I also happen to know a good number of former NRA members who are now GOA members. (Mostly due to La Pierre’s obviuos love of big gov’t.)


Here’s the meat of it:

Here is what LaPierre said, on behalf of the NRA, when testifying on May 27, 1999, before the Subcommittee on Crime of the House Judiciary Committee:

We think it’s reasonable to support the federal Gun-Free School Zones Act. What’s unreasonable is letting 6,000 students caught with illegal guns at school go, prosecuting only 13 of them the past two years.


6000 students go to school with guns in 1999, and only 13 are prosecuted???
Surely there must have been some punishment. However, what’s worse is just the thought that so many kids think it’s fine to take guns to school.

2cent, I agree, the fed should not be in the business of guarding schools.