NRA to host "End of the World" Press Conference


In its first comment following the horrific shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, the National Rifle Association today said it is “prepared to offer meaningful contributions to help make sure this never happens again.”

NRA promises “meaningful contributions” to avert another Newtown - Political Eye - CBS News
OK it’s not really the end of the world, but they are holding a press conference on friday 12/21/2012!

What is the NRA going to say? What good can possibly come from politicizing this event even more? I’m not so sure why they caved into liberal demands to say something and do something.

Obviously, the group felt very saddened by this event by shutting down their social media, they in effect went silent over this, not so people couldn’t talk to them, but because they knew what would happen moments later. They knew that liberal advocate groups would protest them. They knew that they would be screamed at around the world and across the internet!

I am a little saddened that the NRA is holding this press conference, because no good will come out of whatever they say in this conference.


Well we know that at some point in time they have to make a statement and like you in this communist controlled atmosphere you can bet that not matter what they say or do it will be attacked and it would be attacked if they say and do nothing.

Guns and Ammo, the new currency of the 21st century. Suggest You BUY all you possibly can, while you can.


They already released a statement. There is no need for a press conference. I know they are going to try to be bipartisan and say that they will try to work with whatever new laws and regulations Obama and his Gun Control Team will come up with… This will only piss off the right and NRA membership will plummet.

My currency is computers and information, but I understand, that ever since Obama got into office there has been an almost irrational fear on the right that Obama will take away their guns.


I would not call it irrational, he intends to do just that. He is a moving the US toward a weakened state, has done so across the world, giving away our nuke arsenal…one thing and one thing only has stopped a world power from invading the US and its the 17 Oaks and a hellva lot of other folks are well armed. Obama has bowed to every communist, muslim or radical out there and no NRA membership is NOT plummeting, in fact just the opposite.

The FBI background check computer system crashed this week due to volume of those buying guns. I just called one of the largest gun dealers in Texas and they are all but sold out…wonder why???
This is the ONLY thing standing between you and a tyrant and a jack booted govt…WACO!!![LEFT][/LEFT]


The Right need not to worry about gun control laws. The left is only doing this to hurt themselves because in most maybe all cases (I don’t have all the facts) the shootings happened in liberal states or by liberal people and enticed by liberal laws!

The law abiding right will still be able to obtain guns after the new gun laws are passed. Especially if they are passionate about the sport.


This will be the FIRST step towards signing and implementing the UN Small Arms Treaty, of which Obama, Billary, most Dem Congressmen and over 150 cities in the US have signed on as supporting…

You have to understand how it all works…open the door is the hard part, get that done and you can expect for it to be opened WIDE. The govt has done this time and time again, affirmative action became quotas, civil rights legislation became putting minorities at the head of the line ahead of other US citizens and now the only ones that are not a part of this are white men…[LEFT][/LEFT]


How many “it’s just a little infringement” on our rights should we stand for jj? We’ve had our Constitutional rights slowly chipped away at for 100 years with the same arguments. It’s for the kids. If it saves just one life. It’s to big to fail. They are helpless, you can give just a little more and not hurt. Buying into these only makes the next step more palatable to the uninformed and brings us another step closer to the Progressive dream of a cradle to grave society.


You know who is credited with the “its for the kids”???

Adolf Hitler!!!


But that’s exactly my point! The liberals have continued to take away rights of law abiding citizens for decades, yet we are still here. We are still the greatest country in the world. In 2008 and 2010 we organized the two greatest grass roots movements probably in American History. The Tea Party and OWS, The Tea Party, carried guns, but they didn’t storm the government, like they could have. OWS people never even touched a real life gun, but they still organized and promptly divided the rich against the poor. We still have the most powerful military. We still have our second amendment. Anything less than Obama ratifying the second amendment I really don’t care about because gun laws change on local level all the time. Will a federal law really change things so much? There has even been discussion on here that gov’t law will not change anything. So why not, let them pass useless laws that won’t change anything? At least it keeps them busy from screwing anything else up!

Besides, I’d welcome heightened security at schools, and during gun background checks. I think anybody can agree with that on the surface. Of course, government litigation always gets in the way.

You want to really defend our country. Go join the Army. There you can play with guns all you want and get paid to do so!


You can buy guns right now and have nothing to worry about. So you can do that and be completely fine later when new laws are imposed!


I did, 29 years ago. See a lot of Government expansion in those 29 years that you missed while getting to the point you are at now. The sad thing is by the time you get it, there will be someone half your age asking what will it hurt to…


Really!? Never heard that.


Check out Hitlers Rise to Power and what he did with the children. How he took over the schools and raising of the kids, some jaw dropping stuff, and a LOT of parallels to what our govt has done in the US.

This shooting in Conn will most likley put the feds completely in charge of our school system…


[quote=“17Oaks, post:13, topic:37533”]
Check out Hitlers Rise to Power and what he did with the children. How he took over the schools and raising of the kids, some jaw dropping stuff, and a LOT of parallels to what our govt has done in the US.

This shooting in Conn will most likley put the feds completely in charge of our school system…
[/quote]It just goes to tell one that history has a way of repeating itself and the youth of today do not see it. After all it is all we old folks that caused the trouble and not the young which blindly voted for Obama and free stuff. Those same youth that pay more attention to American idol than what they will have to pay for. They take for granted all the technology which others created and call us stupid.

The efforts of the liberals to recreate Germany under Hitler by implementing those things that helped Hitler come to power starting with indocrinating the children. They can never envision a youth corps told to spy and report their parents.


When did the NRA go Liberal? Blaming video game and music, and not the actions of the killer, is a page right out of the How-to-Be-a-Liberal handbook


I hear it all the time. People who don’t mind Big Brother intruding on their lives… after all, it’s for your own good. The President going against the Constitution and erode their rights, slowly at first, so only the most keenly observer can tell the difference

Then it escalates to losing even more rights, and once again people are too complacent to even care.

Eventually it will get to a point where we will become a military police state, with no rights at all… and then the people will say ‘What happened? How did we get here’