NY Post runs naked pics of Trump's wife... again


The New York Post on Monday ran a front-page picture of potential first lady Melania Trump naked, prompting criticism on social media and charges of misogyny.
It was the second day in a row that the Rupert Murdoch-owned tabloid ran a front page nude image of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s wife from her years as a young model.
“Menage a Trump,” ran the headline, touting the paper’s "exclusive photos."
The picture shows a nude Melania being hugged by another nude woman as she lies in bed.
On Sunday, the Post ran a front-page picture of a nude Melania, with stars covering her breasts, under the title “The Ogle Office.”


Seeing as in past elections I have heard of questions of what underwear one wore and such this will probably be an incentive rather than a discouragement.

One thing is clear Trump;'s wife would present America in a more favorable light than having Hillary’s husband looking like he is about to drop.


she’s not the president…and it seems to me France’s former president had a similar ‘problem’ with his former model wife. The French are so cosmopolitan and of course americans are so sexually repressed. Thankfully now we’re as open about this as the Europeans are. don’t you think? :pieface:


The ONLY reason they run that is because they CAN, how about a NEKKID pic of Hillery on her broom. People would be retching in the streets, children gone blind, dogs lifting their legs on newspaper stands…

How about pics of Jackie Kennedy nude: (deleted by DN)


Hey Don, instead of naked pictured of Hillary, how about a book made up of all of the women that Bill had sex with? They could just take the phone book, delete a few names here & there & add pictures beside the rest. (wink)


Don’t say that I didn’t WARN you!:coffee_spray:

Hillary Clinton Appears Before Rally Completely Nude In Bid For Authenticity - The Onion - America’s Finest News Source


:sick: OK, we were warned! :sick: Now where have I put the bottle of mouthwash???


I am sure this was Ted Cruz’s fault, he clearly has a connection at the Post and he ordered them to run those pictures in the hopes that Trump would drop out of the race and the GOP could put Cruz on the ticket instead; meanwhile Cruz’s father and wife are probably plotting a grassy knoll alternative plan as we speak.

Anyone who does not embrace this view is just a moron who has deified Cruz and refuses to see all of the “facts” that clearly condemn him in this matter.


Ya know…If I didn’t want anyone to see me naked, I probably wouldn’t pose for naked pictures for publication.

And if I DID, and those pictures RAN…and I got paid for them to be put out there…then, if a few years later, I decided I didn’t LIKE the idea of naked pictures of me floating around…tough toenails. I would have to admit I made a very-stupid choice and now have to live with it.

Like plenty of young women in the past have. Everyone from Donna Rice, who’s now part of a Christian outreach organization, to Madonna, who’s completely deranged but very, very rich now…and on to all the other stupid young women who pose naked or worse in magazines and on the Internet, often without even getting paid.

TOO BAD, DONNIE. You married a tramp. You married her for the same reason a photographer wanted to pay her to take her clothes off. YOU made some poor choices, here, TOO. And Lion Ted didn’t have a single thing to do with it.


I remember Connie Stevens getting flack because naked pictures surfaced from years before she became a famous star and the result she lost the sponsorship for Ace Hardware.


I LOL’d.