NY Times closes down environmental news desk


You know its the beginning of the end when the NYT is giving up on global warming

The New York Times will soon be closing its environmental news desk and reassigning its seven reporters and two editors to other departments as part of a restructuring effort to adapt to the “shifting interdisciplinary landscape of news reporting

NY Times eliminates environmental news desk in nod to ‘shifting’ reporting landscape | The Daily Caller


They need to make many more cuts to survive.




They should have just merged the “environmental desk” with the religion section since that is all it is, unless the religion section was the first to be abandoned :eusa_think:


Not sure if it’s past the point of inevitability, but the NYT does seem to be augering in. How much is that their business model is obsolete, how much is their pervasive bias with pretense of objectivity, and how much a culture moving away from getting news from dead-tree publications, I don’t know. I’m guessing some bean counter persuaded manglement that this special interest beat can be re-telescoped into the general and political news beats without losing much in terms of topic coverage. The symbol got too expensive. But it’s really moving a deck chair unless the NYT does far more.