NYC Dem Mayor Says Islamic Terrorism Is “Vanishingly” Rare…


In the wake of a radical Islamic terrorist attack on New York City, Mayor Bill de Blasio is telling citizens not to worry about the threat of jihadist violence and pushing for even more questionably vetted migrants to be resettled in the United States.
De Blasio and the mayors of London and Paris co-wrote an op-ed in which they said terrorism committed by refugees is “vanishingly rare.”
“Militant violence is vanishingly rare,” the trio wrote in The New York Times on the heels of three separate attacks in the United States.
The comments are not likely to go over well in a city on edge after the explosion. Police arrested Ahmad Khan Rahami after a shootout in New Jersey on Monday. Authorities allege he is responsible for planting bombs in New York and near the site of a charity run in New Jersey.

NYC Dem Mayor Says Islamic Terrorism Is “Vanishingly” Rare… | Weasel Zippers

This is a guy who can not even call it terrorism. The fact that under obama acts of terrorism have been occurring more frequently and even daily in spite of the silence of the media and democrats.


Islamic Terrorism Is “Vanishingly” Rare…
I kind of doubt it but here’s how I feel. If one of my family members is killed by a terrorist that sneaks across the border in a freak happening, I kind of have to look at it as a horrible thing that “just happens”. On the other hand if a family member is killed because my federal government invited him in along with thousands more of his kind, that’s a little different. That’s more of a case of my government killing off it’s citizens through stupidity & because they didn’t do their job. Just my way of looking at it.


…and it’s NONSENSE. A day rarely goes by without another story about rapes, robberies or other attacks here or in Europe by one or a group of these “refugees”.


All crime is rare to some degree, but it is more evident and present for some more than others. He could make the same statement about an entire array of criminal activity, doesn’t make it any less painful for the victims. and obviously any less serious.

Of course we can’t hide under our beds, the changing of our lives is capitulation to these terrorist trash and I believe it is a horrible response. However, he seems to have overlooked that incompetence and a great deal of luck is the only reason their wasn’t mass casualties in New York this last week. The actions at NJ prevented by a change in the time of the race. One that went off but didn’t kill anyone, and the complete fortune some random people took his bag and inadvertently disconnected his shoddy work from reports I have read, or else this cooker would have gone off and impacted far more people. Let’s not forget he also dropped into the trash five other devices, we can only guess that he was going to use them very soon and probably with greater success.

Also, recall the loss of a leg a couple of months ago from some guy who happened by some IED. Might have been from the same terrorist? Let’s hope so. If not, New York and NJ need to remain on alert. I suppose we might find out more details about this soon.

One final note, it was stated by authorities that these cookers were more powerful than those used in the Boston attacks. This could have been much worse, thank God for the series of events that prevented this loss of life.


Hey, DeBlasio, got a bowl of candy here, it’s called 2-steppers, there are 100 in the bowl, 3 of them contain a poison they just touching your lips you will only take 2 steps and drop dead. Grab you a handful…