Just an observation, which is actually stating the obvious for members here.

I just did a google search to see what the latest news was on the Comey/email investigation thing.

The results showed the most recent news was a NYT article written just a few minutes ago.

Now I don’t normally read that rag, but I wanted to get the latest, so I read it.

It was an Op/Ed piece written by Paul Krugman.

I expected the typical leftist slant, but it exceeded my expectations. The guy is an absolute moron.

I can characterize the article by saying that you needed to have a copy of an OED by you to read it.

Now I’m a fairly well educated guy . . . a masters in Chemical Engineering. By NO means a towering intellect, but I can read a newspaper and get it without grabbing a dictionary for every other word.

The hallmark of these NYT pieces is obfuscation by using . . . “big words”. Words that when you look them up DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to enhance the meaning of the sentence.

IOW, they are fluff that serve to make JoeSixpack think, “Gee, this guy must really be smart . . . he’s using big words I don’t understand.”

Nevermind that JoeSixpack can’t even add, subtract, multiply, or divide whole numbers, nor write (much less understand) a simple declaritive sentence.

The idea expressed in the article was simple: that Clinton was an innocent victim, victimized by an evil Comey.

In a way, it was good to read this rag . . . reminded me of how moronic the thing is.

But JoeSixpack reads these things, and buys into every bit of it.

(Relative to the NYT, I have heard they’re going belly-up . . . can’t happen soon enough.)


NYT is nothing but a mouthpiece for Klinton Inc


Krugman’s writing to a niche audience. There’s a place for “using big words”. I used to do that on forums… it’s not an effective means of getting your point across.

It’s a point I keep stressing to Libertarians. They need to simplify their message, because right now 4/5 of people only hear an adult’s voice in Peanuts.

It’s good if you can project a more erudite vibe when the situation calls for it. But it shouldn’t be your default communication style.


I read on Drudge today that NYT’s “profits” are down over 96% this past quarter. Apparently the end is near.