Obama Admin Announces $6 Billion To Promote Clean Energy … In Asia…


The White House announced the federal government will spend $6 billion over four years for a “sustainable energy future” plan with Asian countries that involves loaning tax dollars to other countries to increase their purchasing power for U.S. technology, services and equipment.

White House Announces $6 Billion to Promote Clean Energy

While here the EPA has added thousands of new requirements which will drive up the costs for everyone. Does this seem familiar? It should we also gave money to develop oil fields in other countries.




Well lets see if we give them money to put up a solar panel and windmill which they make, NOT us that would be Obammy policy 101. Lets borrow $6 Billion from the Chinese to give to the Chinese so they can install their own solar panels…YEA, sure, makes good sense to me, why not, can you think of a better plan??? WTF OVER!

Obma in his first 4 years = FUBAR

Obnama in his second 4 years = SNAFU[LEFT][/LEFT]