Obama Admin: Deficits Are The Next President’s Problem…


With federal budget deficits on the rise again, the White House Wednesday officially kicked the problem down the road to the next president.
Asked about Congressional Budget Office projections that the federal deficit will spike 33 percent this year, White House press secretary Josh Earnest cited reasons including an aging population and Republican-sponsored tax cuts.
Then he added, “There’s certainly a lot money that can be saved, and this will be a challenge that the next president and the next Congress will have to do.”

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Having obama out of office will save money. Many of these giveaways obama has created can be cancelled. Agencies can be reined in and even weaponry confiscated that obama provided which is aimed at suppressing citizens.


How anyone can think this POS is a good president is way past my understanding.


This politics straight and simple. Who really cares for the people? Our politicians are so disjointed from what Americans want. Trump made headway for the simple fact he spoke out about Americans wants rather than what the others were spouting or avoiding to speak about. Now it has been said he is backtracking on illegals although there is no proof he said it and could be propaganda like so much we see in the media even from Fox News.


It’s Bush’s fault.


Deficits Are The Next President’s Problem…
Is there anyone on God’s green earth that didn’t see this coming? If anyone here didn’t see it coming please contact me because I have a bridge that I’d like to sell you.


Democrat mandra “Remember deficits grow the economy”

More people unemployed, more people getting food stamps, more people homeless, more money allocated to give free stuff to illegals, more money spend to foreign nations hostile to us, more veterans dying waiting for service, terrorism increased enormously within our borders, and so** much** more.

obama’s legacy

obama “the world is a better place”


And Hillary will just pass them on down - even larger.


I wanna bridge! I wanna bridge!


I think that the budget deficit dam will break under Hillary. She is going to raise taxes and greatly increase government with “Solyndra projects” on steroids. The Federal Reserve will continue to buy up the debt and the money supply will grow larger. This will explode eventually, and a lot of people, including most all of us, will get hurt badly.


What is going to happen and maybe, just maybe putting Hitlery in office can turn the tide on America…how so?

Interest Rates. They are hovering at near zero, if they climb to say 3-5% we are going to have some real issues in order to pay the bill.

What Obama did was over spend about $1+ Trillion each year of his rein of terror and in real time it now $19.436 TRILLION and Tax Revenue $3.363 TRILLION…we got a problem…YA THINK???


The thing that will bring the issue of fiscal irresponsibility home will be inflation and high interest rates. That’s what killed the Carter administration in 1980, Reagan’s “misery index,” the rate of inflation + the rate of unemployment.

Inflation has not taken off because the velocity of money, the number of times a dollar is spent in a given year, has been historically low. A lot of companies have been hoarding cash because they can’t see good investment projects given Obama’s over regulation and constant threats of raising taxes. The Obama administration has been the most anti-business, anti-private sector growth presidency in history. That’s fine with the Democrats because they are anti-business too. The low information voters, who make up the bulk of Democrat voters, are too stupid understand any of this.