Obama administration tells contractors again: Don’t issue layoff notices


Obama administration tells contractors again: Don’t issue layoff notices
By Jeremy Herb - 09/28/12 07:25 PM ET

The Obama administration issued new guidance intended for defense contractors Friday afternoon, reiterating the administration’s position that the companies should not be issuing layoff notices over sequestration.

The Labor Department issued guidance in July saying it would be “inappropriate” for contractors to issue notices of potential layoffs tied to sequestration cuts. But a few contractors, most notably Lockheed Martin, said they still were considering whether to issue the notices — which would be sent out just days before the November election.

But the Friday guidance from the Office of Management and Budget raised the stakes in the dispute, telling contractors that they would be compensated for legal costs if layoffs occur due to contract cancellations under sequestration — but only if the contractors follow the Labor guidance.

Simple translation: "If you don’t follow our partisan political expedience schedule for your layoff notices, we’ll make sure you get @#$%ed (and if you don’t issues timely layoff notices, the SEC and Labor Laws will @#$% you, so you’re D’ed if you do and D’ed if you don’t issue those notices). Bottom line, the Obama MAL is twisting laws and regs to serve their partisan purposes, and are able to block legal consequences for so doing at least until January, 2013.


Yep. It should be obvious to the most casual observer.


Yep. It should be obvious to the most casual observer.

:rofl: It’s been over an hour and a half, and no one’s contradicted your comment or tried to justify this move by the Obama ***MAL***administration. :rofl: I’m surprised … maybe RO’s government regulation lovers are still recovering from hangovers … or their spin generators need repair and calibration … :rofl:


That’s simply outrageous. Bribe contractors to ignore the notice requirements of the law by offering to pay their legal bills. Maybe Romney should call 'em on it, and say that if there’s a change in the White House, the new occupant will look with favor on those who sought to comply with the law.


Been there done this: As a Program Manager I faced this every year about this time. My funds expired 30 Sept and there is NO carry over of unspent monies. Due to political winds and Congress I often did not know when my funds would be available post 30 Sept. So my contractor had to agree to continue work and pay till I got funding or lay off and stop work. If my funding was changed, say I got $25 Million less then something had to give and it would be likely that the contractor could EAT a lot of work and employee costs if he continued work without a contract.

I was lucky in that I had a HQDA funded program with ‘fenced’ funds, but trust me this can get messy and its not rare for contractors to take a hit with NO reimbursement…