Obama airdrops 50 tons of ammo to ‘moderate Al Qaeda’ in Syria, Islamic


The Obama administration just airdropped 50 tons of ammo for Syrian rebels, also known as “moderate al Qaeda,” after his “moderate” training mission ended in abject failure. The US spent 500 million dollars to train 4 or 5 fighters.That’s a catastrophic failure. This massive ammo drop comes amidst reports that ISIS has a large cache of U.S. weapons and missiles.
Obama is arming the jihadists, but wants to take our guns away.
Iraqi forces combatting IS (also known as ISIS or ISIL) are said to have found a stockpile of U.S. weapons, including ammunition and anti-armor missiles, hidden at sites controlled by terrorist forces,

Is Obama taking on Putin or aiding ISIS or both? Obama is pouring kerosene into a raging fire.

Obama airdrops 50 tons of ammo to ‘moderate Al Qaeda’ in Syria, Islamic State Seizes U.S. Missiles in Iraq | Pamela Geller

Business as usual giving weapons to those who are really against us. Now back to the golf course.


Meanwhile …Putin is targeting U.S. forces in Syria! Obama of course will do nothing but send some more ammo – who know whose hands that will get into in. The White House stated that it will not allow it to turn it into a “proxy war”. … looking into air safety protocol … God Help Us! Putin knows that Obama will do nothing. It’s a little to late for the U.S…especially with Obama’s lack of leadership.

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