Obama Campaign: Birth Control Costs $18K; Press Doesn't Expose to Deserved Ridicule


Obama Campaign: Birth Control Costs $18,000; Press Doesn’t Expose to Deserved Ridicule
By Tom Blumer | September 29, 2012 | 21:53

If anything as embarrassing as what follows occurred at a Republican presidential contender’s website, including the follow-up ridicule by the opposition, the press would never be able to resist covering it.

A mythical (I hope) ecard created at the Obama-Biden campaign site call purports to be from a daughter to her mother, and asks about the most ridiculous question you can imagine.
(picture of Obama ad)
I have no idea how the Obama campaign came up with $18,000.

As I noted over six months ago in March, $9, 28-day supplies of birth control pills can be had at Target (which now appears to be down to $4), Walmart, and in the Midwest, Kroger (Kroger link no longer works).

$18,000 for birth control? Really? From where did they get thaaaa … never mind, I really do not want to now. Even if that $18K were $360 abortions, that would be 90 abortions, a number from … never mind! But who but conservatives think to question such outlandish-even-in-FantasyLand numbers?!