Obama Campaign: Gallup Poll Is Deeply Flawed


The Obama campaign today blasted the latest battleground state polling that finds Mitt Romney with a five point lead among likely voters, saying the Gallup/USA Today poll has “deep flaws.”

“Gallup’s data is once again far out of line with other public pollsters,” Obama’s pollster Joel Benenson wrote in a memo.
The survey of 12 key swing states finds Romney pulling ahead thanks to increased enthusiasm from women voters, a demographic that both campaigns have targeted aggressively. President Obama and the GOP nominee are tied 48 percent to 48 percent among women who are likely voters, the poll found.

Obama Campaign Slams New Swing State Poll - ABC News

It looks like the Obama administration is cheesed that Gallup an outfit they thought they had in the bag did not lie even more about their poll results.

Gallup has consistently painted Obama with better numbers while others were more realistic with their samplings. However that is not enough it seems because although most of the main media is on their side Obama is getting a hammering from those who do not kowtow to Obama’s wishes.

Next will come the phony investigation which will find that some how Gallup is really a rightwing organization. wink wink


There is no substance to the Dem’s complaint. The polls are still over sampling Democrats. If these numbers stay the same up to election day, I expect to see a decisive win for Romney.


I thought it was a left wing polling conspiracy? Now, its a right wing one? Got it!

lolz. Obamalogic fails again.