Obama/Clinton BFF 60 Minute Interview:


Did you know? The world is a very dangerous and complicated place! Great advice from our leaders… That being said, I was wondering whether to put this in media bias or “late Breaking news”. I decided late breaking news, because it is supposed to be a big interview to swing public approval, and there were no restrictions on Kroft from the White House.

Obama and Clinton: The 60 Minutes interview - CBS News

I’m not going to read this because honestly I could care less that another media outlet worships Obama/Clinton “relationship.” Which is in reality a phony show that they have put together to make up for Hilary’s hammering last week from Republicans. Obama will say that he felt sorry for her so he’s giving her a leg up in any future political ambitions she may have. Of course this is after four years of working together after he stole the election right out from under her. And didn’t his 2008 campaign called their 2008 campaign racists??

Steve Kroft didn’t ask any hard questions, but I see his reasoning for not doing so. Republicans already tried asking the tough questions, and it got nowhere. Not enough people care about this interview, and not enough people care about Libya. Not enough people even know that Clinton was Secretary of State even!!! Nobody cares about this!


I care and I was fanticizing little holes appearing in their foreheads.


(I get confuzzled about the whole “IN the News, and Late Breaking News” thing also.) I wonder if the categories could be merged? They seem redundant.

Anyhow, they are the political class as Rush describes, and when it hits the fan, they all stick together.


I just put this in late breaking news because it’s what people are talking about, moreso than immigration reform. So I guess more people must care about nothing than immigration reform or any other major issues. No wonder the democrats won.