Obama "Curse" Falls Upon Philadelphia


Just as Obama has a record of endorsing political Candidates that end up losing, he has decided to see if his “curse” will work in the NFL.

Obama praised Michael Vick and the very next game was not only postponed but when they finally played it Vick looked horrible for the first time this year.

At some point it stops being a coincidence.:biggrin:

Many NFL players don’t want their picture on the cover of the annual Madden game release because of how often the cover athlete gets injured the following year.

This might be the next superstition…or more proof that Obama is a world class jinx to all productive people.:freaked:


Who has got the worse curse? Obama that can’t back a winner unless the deck is so stacked the other person barely got their name on the ballot? Or Gore that can’t talk about record heat without a record cold snap breaking out?





Good Point!

The universe has indeed tagged them both.


Then there’s the Monday Night Football commentators. Every single time they stated one thing, the play came out the exact opposite.
Folks, between the 3 - 'Bama, Gore, and M.N.F. - we could start a pretty successful ‘bookie business’. Just pay attention to what they say, and bet the opposite.


I know!
That was hilarious to listen to. And they were so sure that a miracle comeback was going to happen they kept praising Vick even as he was throwing the ball repeatedly into the Vikings hands. Minnesota dropped at least 4 easy picks.

All the while that Webb kid was playing better and better with every snap of experience he got and the commentators did not even start to notice until halfway through the 4th quarter!

I had no stake in either team so I just wanted to see a good game but sometimes I think they are commenting on a completely different game than I am watching.


Saw that game, and as much as I was sorry to see Favre (why is it pronounced “farv”? always wondered that.) go down, Webb had a rough start, but like you said, was an incredibly quick learner.

Then there was the Saints~Falcons game this last Monday. Holy mackeral! Those poor commentators couldn’t get it right if the head coach told them point blank what the next play was going to be!
“Falcons have a great running game. They’re going to run the ball”.
Next 4 out of 5 plays were ‘throws’.
Falcons had the ball on the Saints 2 yard line:
“The Saints have never been capable of stopping a goal in this situation.”
Not only did the Saints stop the Falcons, they recovered the ball in a fumble. AND went on to make a touchdown.


I knew it had to be a jinx or curse AND I did suspect Obama after all the publicity from his remarks.

The ironic thing about this years Eagles is, the large number of rookies and second year players. Andy Reid always waited till a player had at least three years with the team before playing them in a game.

The most concerning young player is DeSean Jackson whose agent is the same guy that TO has as agent. Jackson seems to have a very large ego and when he is not the primary receiver, seems a little lackluster. I hope he doesn’t turn into a TO. :rolleyes:



Yeah, you guys definitely don’t need another TO right now. The particular Eagles team seems like they can go quite far with some discipline.

And if Obama quits praising your Quarterback.