Obama Curtails Drilling in Oil-Rich Alaskan Reserve


The Obama administration, citing environmental concerns, has banned drilling on half of the vast National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska in a move decried even by Alaska’s congressional delegation.
“The price of gasoline, which was $1.84 a gallon the day President Obama took office, has more than doubled since, willfully aided and abetted by an administration that claims we can’t drill our way to energy independence as we ignore vast reserves of North American energy that dwarf OPEC’s and we sit on 100 years’ supply of petroleum,” Investor’s Business Daily (IBD) stated in an editorial.

The National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska (NPRA), not to be confused with the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) to the east, is a 23.5-million-acre, Indiana-sized tract on Alaska’s North Slope. It was established by President Harding in 1923 to ensure oil supplies for the U.S. Navy.
The desolate NPRA has been described as the largest tract of undisturbed public land in the United States and includes a point 120 miles from the nearest village or usable road.

Free North Carolina: Obama Curtails Drilling in Oil-Rich Alaskan Reserve

More of Obama’s wishes to destroy America


Forbes has a big article on this too with more info here: Will The Election Continue To Give Our Fossil Energy Industries A Big Bird? - Forbes

Obama: “All of the above…until I can be more flexible after the election” :frowning:


Of course on the campaign trail its a different story.

What needs to be done is the states shove the feds out and the state tells the feds to shove it. Here in Texas about 97% of all land is state or private, and we intend on keeping that way…which is why we lead in oil production, electrical wind power and solar, private land, private money…