Obama does UNTHINKABLE at Guantanamo Bay


While the bulk of media coverage was distracted on Wednesday focused on the toddler-like antics of Democrat lawmakers doing a “sit-in” for gun control.

The president apparently released YET ANOTHER dangerous terrorist from Guantanamo Bay.


They will be release before he leaves office, only to kill Americans again! I WISH he would invite one of them, any of them to his office to meet with him and Loretta Lynch, so they can express their love as the SOB cuts off their heads…


I pray to whatever God there is, that this African pretender and traitor is held accountable for his thousands of crimes.

Accountable. With his life in forfeit.


He will be. Eventually.


only it will be worse…his soul.




I doubt he has a soul.

And that’s not good enough anyway. I want to see him in the greatest-possible pain, as he slowly dies at the hands of the People’s executioner.