Obama HHS to Force Bible Publisher to Kneel to Contraceptive Mandate


Obama HHS to Force Bible Publisher to Kneel to Contraceptive Mandate
by Bryan Preston


We now have the US government dictating who is and who is not sufficiently religious to escape the ObamaCare abortifacient mandate.

[quote]The Obama administration is claiming that a dedicated Christian publisher of Bibles and ministry material is insufficiently religious to qualify for an exemption to the contraception mandate in the president’s health-care overhaul.

According to a federal lawsuit filed Tuesday in the District of Columbia by Tyndale House Publishers, the company has been refused a “religious employer” exemption because the Health and Human Services Department categorically maintains that any for-profit publisher is not a “religious employer.”
This is exactly why the First amendment has both the Free Exercise and the Establishment clauses. It is not government’s business to determine what isn’t religious enough to be religious! Tyndale House was founded, literally, to publish a paraphrase of a Bible translation. By the author of that paraphrase. Since, it has published that and religious books. How long before the Obama maladministration finds a pretext to decide that the Catholics or the Southern Baptists or … are not religious?!


Tyndale House won in the trial court. But Obama still wins, even if Tyndale goes all the way to the USSC, because its people and $$ were tied up in fighting this case rather than for Tyndale’s intended purposes.


I totally agree with you on this one. He is a cleaver one. He first redefines “freedom-of-religion” as narrowly as possible to “freedom to worship as you like”. Thus, he redefines the constitutional protection out of the public environment. By redefining our religious freedoms in that way he is now free to attack religious publishers and charities without impunity as they have nothing to do with “the actual process of religous worship.” His goal is to solidify civil-religion: the government suplants the church and its public functions, charities, and organizations.

Thats why I hate the dems as much as I dislike the republicans. I dislike this element of the dems when it comes to religious freedoms and common-decency. I dislike the Republicans when it comes to social-consciencness and common decency concerning the poor and elderly. In other words, if a individual who is elderly or poor because they aren’t connected well enough, have a difficult time functioning in our society, or cleaver enough to become wealthy in our system then they should be left to rot on the side of the road as their betters (republicans) step over them on thier way to their Lexus.

Its almost like making a pact with the devil when you join either party. One party you support provides support for the elderly and poor but you sell your soul in losing your religious freedoms and you are forced to support social moral indecency.
If you support the other side; you get religious freedoms but you lose your soul by allowing the poor and elderly to starve on the street.

If only their were a “third party” that took the good of both parties and left the other luggage behind.