Obama is campaigning for Hillary and attacking Marco Rubio


It is absolutely amazing that Obama in campaigning for Hillary Clinton would attack Rubio for supporting Donald Trump. Of course, Obama, in doing this is acting like a little sissy schoolyard instigator who constantly foments trouble between others to keep attention away from himself and his own doings. So, let us look at what this instigator has done to our country who couldn’t even through a ball from the pictures mound to home base CLICK HERE for video, and missed the hoop 20 times out of 22 CLICK HERE for video.

To begin with, Obama, who views himself as being above the law and our Constitution, has had a stunning 44 unanimous losses in court! But this is not all, he has added more to the national debt than all other presidents combined;

He has given aid and comfort to our enemies by releasing them from GITMO;

He has attempted to strike a deal with a hostile foreign nation behind closed doors and without the consent of the United State Senate as required by our Constitution;

He is allowing a thousand Islamic “refugees” into the U.S. each month without proper screening or a requirement they renounce an allegiance to their country of origin;

He has transferred America’s weapons of defense and military technology to hostile Islamic leaders [the Islamic Brother Hood];

He has assisted an Islamic terrorist state to move forward with producing the component parts for a nuclear arsenal;

He has worked to release $150 Billion in assets to the terrorist government of Iran, and has given them $400 million in ransom;

He has allowed our southern border to be invaded by the poverty stricken populations of Mexico and Central America, and made American citizens tax-slaves to support their economic needs;

He has decided to prop up the communist government of Cuba by normalizing relations, which in turn will yield a needed infusion of money to strengthen this communist government’s iron grip around the necks of its citizens;

He has released thousands of criminal illegal aliens from our nation’s jails into our nation’s population __ some of whom have gone on to murder American citizens and their children;

He is responsible for undermining our election process by making it easy for illegal aliens and other ineligible persons to vote;

He has interfered with our nation’s ability to develop our nation’s natural resources, namely oil, coal and natural gas, to fuel our economy;

He has worked to stifle America’s agricultural industry and ability to produce food under the guise of environmental necessity;

He has worked feverishly to impede our free market system with oppressive and unwarranted regulations, which in turn has helped to increase unemployment;

He has intentionally sabotaged our nation’s health delivery system and lied to the American people that they would be able to keep their doctors and existing health insurance plans;

He has blatantly impinged upon the American People’s inalienable right to make their own choices and decisions regarding their health and medical needs;

He is responsible for a dramatic increase in the number of people receiving food stamps;

He is responsible for a dramatic drop in fulltime employment and a stagnation in earned wages;

He is responsible for a dramatic increase in the unemployment rate among our nation’s Black and poverty stricken youth;

He has used the force of our federal government to tax the paychecks of hard working people living in our nation’s inner cities and then transferred $ billions from our federal treasury to democrat political donors under the guise of “green energy” [Solyndra/Chevy Volt/Fisker, Exelon, etc.] which in fact has always been a money laundering operation;

He has repeatedly circumvented our constitutionally guarantee to a “Republican Form of Government” by issuing Executive Orders and memorandums;

He has stood by and allowed his Administration to use the force of the federal government to attack “conservatives” who dare to exercise their right to freedom of speech;

He has used our judicial branch of government to block the prosecution of criminal activity which has put our nation’s secrets in the hands of our enemies;

He has worked to disarm local police forces which are America’s front line in dealing with domestic terrorism!

And let us never forget the Obama /Hillary Clinton Administration has provided better medical care to millions of aliens who have invaded our borders than our nation’s veterans, many of whom have died waiting to be treated.

My goodness, our destructive and un-American commander-in-chief is attacking Marco Rubio for supporting Donald Trump who is running against a serial liar who wants to give us four more years of Obama on steroids. Who would have guessed?


A vote for Hillary Clinton will guarantee four more years of Obama and the completion of his fundamental transformation of America into an arbitrary form of government in which the president exercises legislative, executive and judicial powers ___ a system of government which Madison confirmed is the very definition of tyranny (see Federalist N0. 47) ***