Obama is not legally President

If he had produced a real birth certificate when hillary first questioned his place of birth, maybe…
If he had released his college records…maybe…
If his passport records weren’t sealed…maybe…

It took four years and an unscheduled trip by Obama to Hawaii…then a very suspect certificate shows up. this after the official in Hawaii in charge of birth records said, “There is no birth certificate of Obama on record”, after first saying “It can’t be found”.

He is not President of the United States. He’s an imposter!!

Kenyans Tell American Missionary: Obama Was Born Here! // Mr. Conservative

People have a better chance of impeaching Obama, then you do of proving this.


:open_mouth: Amazing! I knew it…

There are lots of things we could impeach Obama about, but the Birth Certificate thing has proven something the government isn’t going to budge on.

To be honest if they said something, then they would be considered racist. :confused: so I don’t know. That’s what I’m guessing

He’s wearing a mask! It’s secretly Bin Laden’s slightly-less-evil twin brother! A plot twist fit for M.Night Shyamalan

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I just wonder sometimes why he hates America so much and why he is trying so hard to put us in misery…f him

Well, part of it has to do with his white mother. She hated the U.S. and was an avowed communist. BO’s biological father is up for dispute, too. But, the man who he claims to be his father was an absentee father. (Big surprise there…) BO’s education is also a fuzzy mystery. BO has ties to many, many communists in the U.S. and abroad. He was supported by the Chicago Communist Party as well as the Illlinois Communist Party in both elections to the WH. Here is a list of his associations:

  1. Barack Obama has been influenced, surrounded and backed by communists, socialists, and those sympathetic to the Arab/Palestinian cause in the Middle East.

  2. Obama has been in the middle of two international communist networks – one in Hawaii and one in Chicago. The Hawaii network included communists Frank Marshall Davis, who was Obama’s personal mentor; actor/singer Paul Robeson; and labor leader Harry Bridges. The network was judged a security threat to the United States and the subject of a congressional hearing on the “Scope of Soviet Activity in the United States.”

  3. The Hawaii communist network was organized directly by and from Moscow.

  4. Obama covered up the true identity of Frank Marshall Davis in his book, Dreams From My Father.

  5. The Chicago network included identified communists and socialists, was committed to a communist victory in the Vietnam War, and took instructions from the communist Castro regime in Cuba.

  6. In addition to communist terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, who were members of the Weather Underground, the Chicago network includes many veterans of the communist Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) who now proclaim themselves “Progressives for Obama.” One of the leaders of “Progressives for Obama” is former SDS leader Tom Hayden, who wrote a letter to a communist Vietnamese official during the Vietnam War hoping for a “victory” over the U.S.

  7. Several SDS officials and the SDS itself had connections to the Communist Party USA. The SDS openly promoted communism, the regimes in Hanoi and Havana, and condemned alleged U.S. “imperialism.”

8, There is evidence that Obama backer Bernardine Dohrn, who traveled to Cuba to meet with communist officials, was involved in a bombing that killed a policeman.

  1. Ayers, who helped launch Obama’s political career, has traveled to Venezuela on several occasions and is an enthusiastic backer of the brand of communism being practiced and promoted by Hugo Chavez.

  2. Ayers’ university office door and wall are plastered with communist, anti-Israel, and pro-Hugo Chavez propaganda.

  3. Bernardine Dohrn has participated in two events organized by the Open Society Institute of Obama backer and billionaire leftist George Soros.

  4. The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), a group that included a convicted espionage agent for communist East Germany, backed and promoted Obama’s political career.

  5. Obama spoke at a memorial service on behalf of a leading Chicago socialist activist.

  6. It appears that Obama actually worked for Ayers in a Chicago educational reform program that dispensed millions of dollars of grants.

  7. Illinois State Senator Alice Palmer, who picked Obama as her successor, has a record of involvement in communist front activities.

  8. Obama campaign strategist David Axelrod, as well as Obama himself, have not explained why Ayers, Dohrn, then-State Senator Alice Palmer, and Dr. Quentin Young came together at the Ayers/Dohrn home to launch Obama’s political career.

17, Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley, a client of Axelrod, issued a controversial and misleading statement defending Obama’s relationship with communist terrorist Bill Ayers.

  1. Illinois Lt. Governor Pat Quinn, another Axelrod client, designated “Quentin Young Day” in the state, in honor of an Obama supporter once questioned about his involvement in backing SDS activities and who was accused of being a CPUSA member. (Young refused to deny he was a CPUSA member before a congressional committee but during an informal interview said he had never joined the CPUSA).

There is much more, but I’m too tired to look for it. Suffice it to say that BO hates America because he is a COMMUNIST.

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His hippie mother was a citizen. He became a citizen the moment he was born, wherever he was born. He loves this controversy since it gives less attention to the real atrocities of his administration.


Had to recopy this. Thanks Maylar!


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