Obama lied: of Benghazi jihad massacre finds reference to Muhammad video False


Obama’s selective sympathy concerning Newtown is political exploitation at its most cynical and debased. Where was Obama’s concern, empathy and calls for thorough investigation of Fort Hood and Benghazi? Obama’s knee jerk opportunism to exploit the horrible death of these children to pursue his political end (harmful gun control legislation) is in sharp contrast to his reponse to the Fort Hood mass murder. He attempted to silence concerns about jihad when he declared that no one should “rush to judgement” (despite the fact that Hasan was wearing the garb of the shaheed the morning of his jihad, was giving out qurans that same morning, and was screaming allahu akbar when mowing down those precious Americans). And the fact that soldiers could not carry weapons on base led to the high number of casualties

Obama lied: Analysis of social media in Libya on day of Benghazi jihad massacre finds no reference to Muhammad video that Obama blamed for attack - Atlas Shrugs