Obama lies! Trump does not want to bar all Muslims from the United States


Recently Obama lied when HE SAID Trump wants to “bar all Muslims from immigrating to America”. What Trump has been advocating is far different. Trump wants to have a temporary ban on Muslims from war torn Islamic states until we can figure out how to vet them properly.

Of course, our liar in chief in the White House has decided to use a very old and tired stupid debating trick in which Obama exaggerates Trump’s actual proposal and then Obama attacks the exaggeration he himself invented.

And the sad thing about this is our media assists Obama by perpetuating Obama’s exaggeration instead of laying out exactly what Donald Trump has in mind.

The bottom line is, the Obama / Hillary Administration’s desire to bring in thousands of Muslims from war torn Islamic States, without having the means to properly vet them, is pure insanity.

See Obama Doubles Down on Bringing Refugees Into U.S. EVEN AFTER BRUSSELS ATTACKS

Mar 26th, 2016

”Despite the terror attacks in Brussels this week, President Obama is renewing his determination to bring thousands of Muslim refugees into the United States.”


Obama is the worst President ever!. Here is a LIST of Obama’s evil doings!


In all fairness, Trump did suggest a broad ban, or, at very least, didn’t specify at first. Regardless, such statements were going to be used for political fodder. it shouldn’t be a surprise, both sides do it.

Trump did just say literally minutes ago on CNN that he didn’t want a total ban from everywhere, just “certain people from certain places where there is a lot of terrorism, and we know what these places are”. This clarification has to be repeated over and over as it will create another opinion of distrust for Clinton, one of her weaknesses; and if she continues to characterize his position inaccurately she might pay for it at the polls. I am sure the GOP are looking at this as a tactic to employ.

It seems Trump is listening to his advisors, because he still talks a tough game but he has started to clarify his statements better than he did six months ago, which is vital for a guy who too often speaks off the cuff. To me, his only/best hope to win is to push his economic policies and tap into those who have been hit hard. As it were, as much as I am a free market person; as I try to be objective and look at this from a political angle, this would give him the very best chance to win over Bernie Sanders supporters and undecided under 35 let’s say.


CLICK HERE to hear Trump’s proposed temporary ban in his own words, stated on 6/13/16


The Obama/Hillary Administration has given aid and comfort to our sworn enemies by releasing them from GITMO


How about we ban all Liberals and swap 1 for 1 with anyone who wants to come over…