Obama loses this debate as well


Although Obama tried the pugilist approach that Biden employed, he to failed to move people even with the help of the moderator who was on his side.

Same old platitudes and lies about what he did was the gist of Obama’s sorry excuse for a debate he went in unarmed and not ready for. Apparently he must have had golf or his next party on his mind.

So what are your evaluations of this failure of a president who would rather attack americans over terrorists?


That MOFO if the SOB was moving his lips he was LYING. One of the most disgusting displays of an American elected poltiican I have ever seen since “I did not have sex with that woman” (Slicky Klinton).

STUNNED when the Moderator jumped in on the Liar in Chiefs side.

I was embarrassed for NoMoBama as he certainly was not embarrassed himself. He conducts himself like a two bit banana republic dictator from Kenya…ohhh that right he is!


And watch him still get re-elected.