Obama: 'Maybe I Should Just Pack Up and Go Home. Golly.'


When asked about second term failures, President Barack Obama responded by saying, “Maybe I should just pack up and go home. Golly.”

Looks like he is feeling sorry for himself. Even the left is not always covering for his mistakes


If I had any faith in him giving an honest answer, I’d want to see the rest of his response.


Shoot, if he wants to go home (back to Kenya) I’d even help pay for his ticket - and goodness knows I haven’t got any money to spare.


Sir you got yourself a deal. In fact, I’ll help you pack AND personally pay for your trip to wherever home is. By all means, don’t let to door hit you on the way out.


No, please don’t go home Obama. I don’t want Biden as President, although the 2016 Republican Landslide that follows will be epic. Actually, I’m not sure.


There is a very short list of people I think would be WORSE than Obama and unfortunately that includes Crazy Uncle Joe.


I don’t think Joe would be as bad. He’s AWFUL…but not as smart about getting things done illegally. I’m more worried about Hillary down the road. The Butcher of Benghazi beats everyone in the polls.