Obama Mulling Corporate Donations for Inauguration


President Barack Obama’s advisors say the White House should accept corporate donations for his inauguration celebration in January, rather than hit up donors who underwrote his $1 billion campaign

Four years ago, Obama barred corporations from donating, in a bid to show he would not be beholden to big business.

Administration officials haven’t made a final decision, the Wall Street Journal reports.

The president was able to raise more than $50 million from other sources for his 2009 inauguration, but things are different now. Donors are drained from constant requests for money for the election and the Democratic National Convention. While the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies pays for the swearing-in and taxpayers

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Obama is basically dismantling all controls on political giving. While he was campaigning the controls were removed so that it was easy for anyone to send more money than the stated rules said were allowed. Obama also had foreign givers which were something that I believe started under Bill Clinton.