Obama Names Hamas Sympathizer as New ISIS Czar


President Obama has appointed a foreign policy advisor known to be a friend of the terrorist group Hamas to be the administration’s new czar in charge of countering ISIS. The appointee, Robert Malley, has a history of sympathizing with Islamists, which makes the appointment all the more appalling.

According to the government watchdog group Judicial Watch, the White House downplayed the controversial appointment by “burying it deep in a press briefingdelivered at a Paris hotel during the recent climate summit.”

Robert Malley comes by this honestly. His father Simon was a veryMarxist journalist who shilled for Algeria’s terrorist FLN, Egyptian dictator Gamel Abdul Nasser, African Marxist dictators like Kwame Nkrumah and Ahmed Sékou Touré, Fidel Castro, and of course, Yasser Arafat, of whom he was especially fond. Needless to say, Simon Malley also had an outspoken hatred towards Israel, and the apple definitely did not fall far from the tree.

Fox guarding the henhouse…


So what else is new?


When it gets to the point that something like this is blatantly open & above board, this country is doomed! IOW we are dead and beginning to stink, but the masses/lemmings are still unaware of the demise!

A little over a year to go - sans the direct intervention of God, this nation will be nothing more than a zombie, that would feel right at home in the jungles of Haiti!!!


…except there AREN’T any “jungles” in Haiti. The natives have cut and burned them all for fuel.


I can hardly wait for President Cruz to “clean house” and finally rid us of the vermin presently infesting our executive branch