Obama on San Bernardino & Paris Violence (a Response)


In this post I am not saying that B. Hussein Obama in fact is Muslim. However, he grew up with a Muslim view of the world, having been educated in Indonesia. He is not a Westerner by inclination. Thus, the concept of being at war with Radical Islam is anathema to him.

It is possible that he is a “knee-jerk liberal.” I was once instinctively liberal. Most Jewish people are. That began to change during mid-1972. The Munich Olympic Massacre occurred in late August or early September. For the first time (I was 15 at the time) the politicians’ condemnations seemed weak and equivocal. There were scattered acknowledgment of the Arabs’ (as they were called at the time) rage. I felt this was most distasteful as the people slaughtered had literally nothing to do with Israel’s occupation of the West Bank or Gaza. They had nothing to do with setting Israeli policy. They were athletes in their late teens or 20’s. To add insult to injury, the German government refused to allow Israeli forces to participate in a rescue effort. Their attempts were ineffectual and ultimately botched.

My views continued to evolve as the liberal political community, with the notable exception of Ted Kennedy turned against Israel. Also, they turned against the Jews with regard to affirmative action. I believe that B. Hussein Obama considers Jews to be privileged in the West, and the West to be privileged in the world.

Thus, I believe he considers violence such as occurred in San Bernardino a few days ago, Paris a few weeks ago and at the World Trade Center back in 2001 a legitimate effort to redress this “inequality” and place “all people in the world” on a level playing field. His efforts to ram a world income redistribution scheme, dressed up as “climate change reform” at the Paris summit is further support for my views. The list, however, is endless.


The sad reality is, we fought a war against the most powerful empire on Earth (at the time) and TOOK our freedom. We then cemented that/those freedom(s) as GOD-GIVEN in our founding documents. Until that time in human history, “freedom” was granted by monarchs and governments.

The rest of the world has a monumental case of penis envy. Problem is, instead of TAKING for themselves what we first took for ourselves, they prefer to deprive us of our liberty to make themselves FEEL better about themselves. They are unwilling to fight for their freedom, so we must be deprived of ours.

****'em…let them be slaves if they refused to break the chains that enslave them