Obama opens new African American Museum amid national racial strife



Washington (AFP) - President Barack Obama hailed Saturday the opening of the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, a long-awaited testament to black suffering and triumph in the United States.

“African American history is not somehow separate from our larger American story. It’s not the underside of the American story,” said Obama. “It is central to the American story.”

The Smithsonian’s 19th addition to its sprawling museum and research complex is the first national museum tasked with documenting the uncomfortable truths of the country’s systematic oppression of black people, while also honoring the integral role of African American culture.
“A clear-eyed view of history can make us uncomfortable,” Obama said.
“It is precisely of that discomfort that we learn and grow and harness our collective power to make this nation more perfect. That’s the American story that this museum tells.”

  • Deteriorating race relations -
    Elected in a wave of optimism in 2008, Obama pledged to unify, often repeating that he is not the president of black Americans but of all Americans.
    But as his presidential mandate comes to an end, polls show that **most Americans believe US race relations are faring badly. **


As we know by now the oppression blacks suffer is mainly of their own making. They refuse to for lack of a better word assimilate and prefer to hype a culture of hate toward other races. Their philosophy is lets push hate and anger and demand we to be treated not equal but with more favors and goodies. Affirmative action has been around for years and blacks have been given special treatment and to hear some it has been all for naught because some feel they have a right to murder and steal to their heart’s content because some where in their past maybe an ancestor was a slave owned by a white not counting the slaves owned by blacks.

I imagine if one looks at this museum which would truly show the idols of many blacks one would see gangsters and murders, welfare cheats, and more as those they worship. Their culture glorifies “artists” who speak of murder and rape and display a gun with some even meeting the fate they talk about.

Whites and black attend the same schools well that is util we see calls to segregate schools because blacks can not tolerance anyone but their own kind. Those blacks who get ahead other than becoming drug lords or rap artists are viewed as going whitey.

So in Washington we see another monument dedicated which tells the world that blacks while suffering under the yoke of the white man made progress. Visitors can go see the exhibits while dodging bullets from fellow blacks.