Obama Others Asleep During Benghazi Attack (unconfirmed scenario)


Well this certainly is one explanation for it huh?

The President of the United States could have been sleeping soundly during the Terrorist Attack that occurred on 9/11 of this year. That would make the most logical sense for everything!!! First, it would make sense for the media blitz “cover up.” It would answer the question, why they felt the need to make up a story that no one believes! It would help us understand why there was so much confusion during the initial intelligence gatherings. Third, it places a buffer in between the cover up story and the incompetent story. For those who can’t quite see the cover up connections and those who can’t possibly believe that the President of the United States could be so stupid. Sleeping during the attack means that he was asleep and was woken up late. Sure, it’s an excuse and a horrendous excuse at that, but it’s an excuse that the right wing is asking now, but the left wing could put it in play if Obama ever wants to come forward…

CHENEY: Mr. President, did you go to sleep that night while you knew that attack was underway? Our consulate was under attack, our Ambassador was missing, did you go to bed without any action, doing anything to prevent that attack, doing anything to stop the attack and save those people. And if so, why did you wait seven hours?

I did not want to link the thinkprogress article!!!


The timeframe I’ve heard is that the attack began 4PM DC time, so this seems unlikely. Maybe some one not heading out the door to work could set out the timeframe for the attack in DC time (assuming Obama was there and not on the campaign trail).


The President might not have the same sleeping schedule as a regular person. He could have been up three nights straight campaigning!


Pot does cause drowsiness.


[quote=“natstew, post:4, topic:36771”]
Pot does cause drowsiness.
[/quote]There was a near train accident awhile back where the operator had been doing drugs. But remember folks–drugs cause no problems

Caltrain: train operator tested positive for drugs | www.ktvu.com


Obama had to catch a ‘red eye’ flight to Las Vegas. (pun intended)