Obama Portrait Artist Likes to Paint African-American Women Holding Heads of Decapitated White Women


I’m guessing that the folks here have seen the really bad Obama pics?

This is just a piece on the … cough, cough … artist!


There’d be rioting in the street.


Not surprising, but alarming.

Just one more reason that Trump won.

Obama has done the most to destroy the Democratic party. It’s the least he could do after DESTROYING THE COUNTRY.

And the Pubs aren’t doing much of a bad job destroying themselves either.

Trump filled the vacuum this time.

I wonder who will do it next time?


Ivanka 2024


This choice of artist reflects more on Barack Obama than on the sub-human artist himself. How dare the Magic Negro insult the dignity of the office of President of the United States in this way? If I were Trump, I wouldn’t even hang any works by this “artist” in the White House basement. I would personally hire a real artist to paint dignified portraits.

And I thought I was angry when the Mao Tse-tung ornament was hung on the White House Christmas Tree!


Tweeters are loving it.


Barrack sitting in a large field of pot plants and Michelle as what she’d prefer to look like and WE get stuck with the bill???


My artistic opinions: Barry looks like he is sitting on the crapper in from of some really ugly wallpaper. Michelle looks like an ad for an ugly piece of haute couture designed by some faggot designer who hates women; in front of more really ugly wallpaper.


I just realized that there are six digits on obama’s left hand!:clown_face:


Speaking of portraits, here’s one that hangs in the Sacramento state house, amidst all the traditional portraits of governors like that of Leland Stanford and Ronald Reagan.

Those “traditional” portraits are in muted tones of brown and burgundy, with the governors either standing beside a desk or sitting in a deep leather chair.

This one sticks out though:

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I think it’s safe to make the assumption that libs and portraits are . . . well, flat out tasteless.


Michelle’s portrait looks like a cartoon and HIS looks like someone taking a dump in the woods.


I’m sure that’s how Moonbeam sees himself.


Are you referring to the BO painting where he has huge hands?