Obama = POS


Screw it, I’ll get right to the point. BTW, the title of this post is intended as its summary!!

Three days ago Obama the constitutional scholar and genius was asked about the chaos in the Middle East - especially Libya - a country that was relatively stable under Gaddafi, but since the Obama/Clinton undermining of the government there, is now little more than an ISIS training ground and a general sh*t hole.

In response to the question, Obama placed blame on the British Prime Minister, James Cameron, and other European leaders. Obama said that he EXPECTED a leadership role by Europe, and because that did not happen Libya and the ME is in turmoil.

NOTE to the idiot known as Obama - when in the hell has Europe EVER taken the lead on anything, including in wartime? It has not - and that goes back to the days of Teddy Roosevelt and his painting our warships white (“Great White Navy”) and sailing them around the North Atlantic as a demonstration of the US might and our implied intent to shield Europe from the known punks to her East. Europe and most of our allies have always been “free riders”, as he referred to them - how could he have possibly expected it to be otherwise now? Answer - he either is an idiot for expecting it to be otherwise or he’s a subversive who did not expect it to be otherwise.

Obama NEVER takes any responsibility for any failure on his watch and there have been many. In his mind he has had few, if any, failures.

Now he blames Trump for the demonstrations at Trump’s campaign events - blame being specific to Trump’s rhetoric. Obama, the constitutional guru conveniently ignores the 1st amendment protection granted Trump and his supporters in attendance. Instead, Obama excuses the behavior of the organized anarchists dead set on denying 1st amendment rights to their fellow citizens. Obama also ignores the fact that it is the Leftists that make these attempts to deny freedom of expression - Bill Ayers/moveon.org/etc. Repubs/conservatives do not engage in such attempts at democrat venues.

Obama, as always, misses the point - or conveniently ignores it - Trump and his rhetoric have caught on with many Americans precisely because of 7.5 years of Obama’s GROSSLY failed policies and actions.


Muslim countries can’t handle democracy. Islam is not compatible with freedom. It explicitly condemns it. Most of the military leaders are at least modestly liberal, making them much better suited to ruling.


CW - please cite the poll regarding our military leaders leaning liberal - if it is our military you are talking about. Actually, your 3rd sentence makes no sense given the context in which you presented it.


Mike, your post indicates a point of view that Obama is an ignorant fool with a character defect of the inability of taking responsibilities for his actions. On days where I an feeling charitable towards him, I would agree 100%. On other days I believe that it is all cold calculated actions to bring America down and forment chaos in the world to make way for Progressive Nirvana AKA 1000 years of darkness.

It can’t be both, can it?



Let me be clear - I do not care for Trump very much. Specifically, I do not think he expresses himself worth a damn. His declarative statements are often incomplete and not well thought out. I could add to my concern about him, but it would add nothing to my central point - which is - he must be given every right to speak and those who gather to listen must be afforded the opportunity to do so - our constitution demands that it be so.

What is said and how it is said gives no one or group just cause for engaging in disruption designed to deny the rights of others.

That said, Trump needs to make it clear to his supporters that verbal disruptive tactics do not give them license to engage the disruptors physically. They need to step back and let the security personnel deal with those creating the mayhem.



All non-secular Moslem countries are totalitarian police states. The only saving grace is that they fall into two factions that hate each other as much as they hate us.


OD - I can’t get inside his head, so I can’t possibly give you a definitive answer - except to say that most radical Leftist, of which Obama is undeniably one, heaps considerable blame on the United States for the ills of the world. Only viewed within this context can any rational explanation be given to explain Obama’s actions. Does he seek to destroy the country? I have no clue - but my guess is - based on his actions - he, with plenty of support from within his administration and like-minded “Intellectual elites” - would very much like to take this country down a notch or two, at least.

Looking around, I would say Obama has been pretty successful in doing so.

And, of course, it is possible to be both an ignorant fool and have a calculated objective. In this case, Obama’s objective provides evidence he is an ignorant fool!!

Hope this helps, OldDog