Obama pulls RACE card on 'cliff' nego


Obama stated on TV a few moments ago that the “Republicans have a hard time saying YES to ME”[LEFT][/LEFT]


Where’s the race part?


Well since Obama is black, every time he says “me”, he must mean “a black person.” What else could he mean by “me”? [/sarc]


Not sure what else “me” would mean, ESPECIALLY since the Dims have stated on more than one occasion that in fact its because he is black that they do not want to make a deal etc etc etc etc…


Maybe they wouldn’t think that if he could just use the pronoun “me” without you reading race into it…


I am not reading anything into it…read my post #4, just echoing what your party has been saying for the past 4 years…


Caudy’s saying that it’s no wonder the Democrats think that some on the right are racist when every time the president says the pronoun, “me” people like you are saying he’s playing the race card? Are you kidding me?


Yes, I can see it now. “Me-gate! The President used a pronoun reserved for whites!”

When he can’t even refer to himself as “me” without you objecting because of racial issues, it does seem that what the Dems say has merit.


The Republicans offered to compromise on one of their core prinicpals in exchange for - nothing.

Obama wants his recession, and it looks like he’s going to get it. Where he’s deluding himself is believing the GOP will be blamed.


Didn’t the GOP introduce plan B when they were already really close to ending the negotiations with something?


I’m not sure I understand your question, Trekky.


Boehner’s Plan B he proposed rather than continuing negotiations with the president.

The proposal — Boehner’s alternative to negotiating a broader package with President Obama — would have protected the vast majority of Americans from significant tax increases set to take effect next year.

It’d be like if we were having a committee to decide party decorations and I just went off and bought my own I thought everyone would like. The point of negotiations is to continually work with the other side, and it seems like Boehner has decided that he may give up and just try to push his own plan.


I haven’t seen any evidence whatsoever that Boehner is unwilling to continue negotiating with the President. But I haven’t seen any concrete concessions from Obama on the spending side, which would be necessary to reach a “broader” accord. (Other than, I believe, a proposal to revise the cost of living formula for SS.)

I think the only way Obama will make meaningful concessions on the spending side is to ride over the fiscal cliff. There will be no deal, it appears, until sufficient misery has been inflicted on the American people.

So be it. Let Obama have the recession he wants.


It’s implied, if you don’t see it, it’s by choice.


When Obama come on the national scene the Democrats started screaming racism every time the Republicans disagreed with him. The statement he made IS DAMN SURE IMPLYING RACISM!


Good heavens YES…How about: “if you do not vote for Obama you are a racist”…been hearing that since 2008, the charges of racism have been from Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Biden and almost anyone who leans LEFT…