Obama "Racist" Video on daily caller & Hannity at 9PM


Don’t know how big this will be but this is a heads up to watch Hannity at 9pm or go to the dailycaller.com at 9PM to see what is being touted as a blockbuster video from 6 years ago featuring Obama talking to a Hampton University audience. Apparently the transcript for the teleprompter is NOT what was said. Drudge is all over this too…but first showing will be on Hannity.

I’m guessing nothing too big…but perhaps a bit embarassing. Comment below once you’ve seen it!


So far on Hannity:
Obama praises Rev. Wright.
Disparages Gov’t Response to New Orleans in “black accent” …difference in treatment between NY 9/11 and Miami Hurricane Andrew
Invest in Minority areas rather than build roads in the suburbs.

So far…shows Obama pandering liberal solutions and claiming racist treatment by government to blacks in a “different” accent to a black audience in 2006. “Our people” should have gotten the jobs…

Shows Obama’s true colors…but anyone breathing could figure this stuff out. More hype than news here. I don’t expect this to change one vote.
**Oh Bummer. **


Thanks for posting and following up. Oh bummer indeed.


VIDEO: Obama speech praises Wright, attacks feds on Katrina | The Daily Caller

What’s with the accent?




Stop disparaging Panders…errr Pandas!:yes:

BTW…anyone who wants tha pain of watching the entire 40 minute speech…or just wants to hear the accent…can do it here:

VIDEO: Obama speech praises Wright, attacks feds on Katrina | The Daily Caller


Pardon me if skip all the pain. Saw enough on Van Susterin last night to get the gist.

You’re right, Cam. IF this had come out when ‘The One’ was campaigning first go-around, it MIGHT have had some impact on the voters. The one on 9-11/Florida/Katrina is blatantly racist, shows not only ignorance, but the huge chip on his shoulder. The one lauding his mentor, the so-called Rev. Wright, exposes his core beliefs - which most certainly is NOT pride in the U.S.A.
Sadly, I could only say ‘might’ because it’s likely that many who voted for ‘O’ then would’ve cared about as much as did about Clinton’s ‘escapades.’

Shown now? Like you say, mostly hype, as it is no longer ‘news’ to anybody.

All I want to know is why these tapes didn’t come out 6 years ago when they were relevent? And it can’t only be MSM who’s to fault.


Forget the accent. Where does anybody get off blaming somebody else for lame reporting when they KNOW if they wanted the job done right, they should’ve done it themselves?!

Reporters in the room seem to have missed or ignored his most controversial statements. The liberal blogger Andrew Sullivan linked to what he described as a “transcript” of the speech, which turned out not to be a transcript at all, but instead the prepared remarks provided by the campaign.

Well, Mr. Tucker Carlson, where was the conservative blogger that day? Out to lunch?
Or busy blogging about Obama blaming everybody else for his ineptitude?


Obama saying these things do not make him a racist. People reporting on the things Obama says makes them racist. [/sarcasm]


[quote=“Dacabeti, post:9, topic:36405”]
Obama saying these things do not make him a racist. People reporting on the things Obama says makes them racist. [/sarcasm]
[/quote]Exactly right. I know you meant it to be sarcasm, but it’s the truth as far as over half the country is concerned. Stupid Americans. I’m want to disown them, I tell you.


Hope he uses the same accent tonight! :popc1:


Yessuh me’s too, dat would mean a lot to uss’ns down y’near, yessuh, down y’near we’s gots lots of hayseeds ya know whuta mean bre? Dey could relly r’late to dat kind of sem’plicity.



The MSM are trying to spin this as “Old News = No News” … the same MSM who made/make a big deal about Gov. Romney’s dog riding atop his car during a vacation 2 or 3 decades ago and the now-discredited claim that Romney was a homophobic bully when he was in high school. Unlike those hits on Romney, this Obama speech was recent and has to do with the social views Obama brings to governance; and it’s relevant now because the MSM lapdogs refused to vet Obama even minimally during the 2007-2008 campaign season. Grab some popcorn, there’s likely more of this kind of thing coming.


Plainly put, they slipped and fell back in their own poop, and are trying feverishly to wipe it off before anyone notices.


This story did not get enough attention from Obama’s pets in the media. This is clear proof of Obama’s racism, which points straight to his upbringing as the anticolonialist son of marxist parents, as portrayed in the movie, Obama 2016.

I think this video should be broadcast everywhere so mainstream America can see the real Obama. I won’t vote for a marxist racist president thats hates my ancestors, and if more Americans knew the truth, I doubt they would either.


wtf is up with the accent. I just posted a link to this video on facebook. If watching him deliberately speak in a fake accent can’t convince you of the nature of this man, absolutely nothing can. And pertaining to this thread… where are all the libs jumping in to defend our dear president’s fakery?


When it’s obviously indefensible, and there’s no angle for an ad hominem sneering dismissal, silence ensues.


You’re not joking. I posted a link to that on my facebook and not a peep from my liberal acquaintances. But when I made fun of some lady wasting time in the presidential debates asking what was going to be done about the pay gap between women and men; HOLY CRAP. I got like 30 responses immediately linking me to sites that claimed that men make an average more of 3% in any given profession. I said that’s like asking what we’re going to do about all the KKK lynchings. eye roll


Maybe because the pay gap is something that directly affects the lives of all Americans, unlike a video from 2007, already widely reported when it first happened, in which Obama, before he was President, proves he is a politician by shamelessly pandering to his audience. No one is going to defend him for inexplicably developing an accent for a speech, but you don’t really think it differentiates him at all from his rival, Mr. Cheesy Grits NASCAR, do you?


This brings to mind Romney’s fake tan for his Latino pandering…