Obama’s new contraception rules try to fool Catholics


The Obama administration’s latest revision of its contraceptive policy was welcomed by some religious people as a breakthrough, even a “miracle.” Upon reflection, it seems less like the parting of the Red Sea than a parlor trick.
At issue is whether Obamacare’s broad mandate of insurance coverage for contraceptives, sterilization and drugs that can induce abortion should apply to institutions with moral objections. For more than a year, the administration has struggled to clarify a set of regulations, while provoking 44 legal challenges.

Michael Gerson: Obama’s contraception mandate tries to fool Catholics - The Washington Post

Frankly I have not seen Obama try to inhibit the actions of Muslims with any vigor that he exhibits toward trying to undermine Christian doctrine. In fact places are told they have to allow Muslim practices.

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Well in Islam most forms of contraception and birth control are forbidden. Any sort of permanent birth control that is not for medical reasons is forbidden. So any medical procedure that leads to complete sterilization and is not medically required, is not allowed. This goes against the teachings of our Prophet Muhammad and if not done for medical reasons, is usually done for vain, selfish or impractical purpose.

In regards to temporarily contraceptives such as “The Pill”, in Islam, these methods are usually prohibited unless both of the following conditions are met:

There is a medical reason for doing so.
The husband agrees.

If there is any medical center out there that is funded by religious Islamic organizations then I have yet to hear them complain. Granted the MSM on wants to demonize certain people. That much is true.


And “the husband agrees” probably takes precedence over it’s having a medical reason.


Thats not the point. The point is that Obamas laws run counter to the views of Islam as well.


Obama’s banking views are in strong contrast to Islamic banking.

I am pretty sure he is an athiest who likes a good amen with his black power.