Obama says he'll attend Super Bowl if Bears are playing.



I wonder if he’s as much of a Bears fan as John Kerry is a Redsox fan. Anyway, I don’t believe he’ll have the opportunity to attend, because the Bears will probably not get past the Packers. But, why announce this and forecast it? For security reasons, why announce this? No sitting president in U.S. history has attended the Super Bowl. Obama and the rest of the Dems often claim to relate to the people. How many people on a whim can decide to go to the Super Bowl if their team makes it? This is not representative of the common, rather it reflects elitism.

When you add up the cost of the tickets, lodging, and travel for Obama, his entourage, and security by the Secret Service, not to mention paying for stadium security and local police and the cost of roads being shut down and traffic diverted, it will add up to another multi billion dollar day of fun in the sun for the Obamas. And it will all be paid for by us!

Not that this will be relevant anyway, as the Bears have to get by the Packers for this to happen.
But still…


OK, Obama, where’s your non-partisanship?


He needs to stop. I don’t want him as a buddy, friend or pal. I want a emotionally mature president that can manage the presidency. Notice how I didn’t say “lead”. I don’t need someone to “lead” me. I’m fine leading myself.


I guess that settles it, GO PACKERS!

The last thing I want on Super Bowl Sunday is too listen to endless references to “The first President to attend a Super Bowl” from the booth crew and 100 camera shots of the luxury suite where the Terrorist In Chief is sitting.

I should expect him to go though, the Super Bowl may be the last thing in America Obama has not yet ruined, if he goes he can yell YAHTZEE!


We can only hope he isn’t selected to do the coin toss. It would be just as limp wristed as his first pitch of the All Star Game.

As far as ruining the Super Bowl, I agree, but Roger Goodell is already ruining the NFL anyway.


Well of course. He will have gone the entire month of January without a vacation. You can’t expect him to get through February too!




The President has no business attending a Super Bowl. They already have unsurmountable security headaches as it is, as it is generally viewed as a possible to probable target for a terrorist attack.
What’s he trying to do; invite one?
Somebody needs to tell that attention hound to stay home.


The thief would probably pocket it.


21-7 Green Bay, 6 minutes left. Better not make those expensive travel plans yet Berry!