Obama should fire John Brennan


An old article to point out to hypocrite whiners!

Obama should fire John Brennan

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I forgot to say in my post that The Author of the article is a carpetbagger from the Radical New Republic!



Brennan was incompetent as CIA Director. So, why should he have a government security clearance?

Well, we’re told it’s because those who have held high government positions, such as Brennan, sometimes are called upon for insight into current situations - and such officials have always been given such clearances

Given Brennan’s history - presiding over one international/intelligence kleuster Fleuken after another, who in their right mind would ask him for advice??

Unfortunately, Trump, as usual, did not lay the proper groundwork for pulling Brennan’s clearance and the others on his list of possible revocations DOES give the appearance of what his opposition calls a “political hit list”. Yet another unforced political error by Trump.

Trump could easily have enumerated several examples of incompetence on the part of Brennan. Leaking information, lying to Congress, Benghazi intel failure, his input on the Iran deal, etc. But Trump did not.

Trump could have provided specific examples of Brennan’s unprecedented charges against him and the office of the president. But, he did not.

Trump could have pointed out that the systematic/routine process of allowing continuing government security clearances for high level government officials has led to - are you ready for this? - 5.1 million Americans currently possessing government security clearances - this according to a recent article by The Washington Post. People would have been shocked to learn this. But, Trump did not.

There is no doubt we need a top to bottom review leading to guidelines regarding security clearance of those leaving government service - there should be nothing automatic about a government security clearance. Trump could have initiated this review, but Trump did not.

Those reasoning that the current process should continue because it is what has always been done are badly mistaken. Trump could have pointed out we live in a world that demands we don’t do things a certain way simply because we’ve always done them that way. Trump could have pointed out that it was such “stove-pipe” thinking that brought us intel failures leading up to 9/11 But, Trump did not.

Instead, Trump UNNECESSARILY creates a political firestorm denounced by not just the Left, but many/most on the Right. It’s too bad - we desperately need a better, more reasoned manner in which we conduct government business with respect to clearances - IMHO, the “bull in a china closet” manner in which the subject has been introduced will unlikely produce anything more than a political/partisan cage match.

Yes, 5.1 million Americans have a government security clearance. Unbelievable!!
BTW - those political hacks claiming Trump’s action is an attack on the 1st Amendment - freedom of expression - are either stupid or lying and simply verbalizing a complete and utter canard.


What “foundation” is required for the President to pull someone’s clearance? A security clearance isn’t a “right.” It’s a privilege subject to good behavior and Brennan has CLEARLY proven by his behavior that he’s not to be trusted with State secrets.


POLITICAL foundation/groundwork. Trump’s in politics, Public opinion DOES matter. It most often affects voting. Trump seems to relish supplying his opposition (the Left/MSM) with not only the gun, but often loads the bullets. While some might find Trump entertaining, I did not vote for Trump to be entertained.

Pulling Brennan’s clearance was/iS TOTALLY justified, but the manner in which he did it was politically inept. No one on his clearance cancellation list should have a clearance - that said, they are all Democrats. Does that mean ALL Repub officials should be exempt from exclusion? I hope not. Mike Flynn pled guilty to lying to the Feds - should he have a security clearance? Why wasn’t he on Trump’s list?

There is no way around it - the way this was rolled out makes it look like a “political hit list”. With an election in less than 3 months, I don’t think it was handled well - politically speaking - for all the reasons I pointed out in my initial reply above…


General Flynn was COERCED to plead guilty to avoid Mueller going after his (Flynn’s) SON, for God’s sake!!! Even the FBI’s own people said that he had NOT lied.

How many times must we emphasize that President Trump is NOT “political” and we didn’t hire him to BE so? We hired him to do PRECISELY what he’s doing…try to fix the MESS that previous administrations and their fat-cat bureaucrats have created for us. If doing what VIRTUALLY everyone agrees is both legal and justified costs him a few votes, I doubt he cares. I certainly don’t, and anyone who decides to vote AGAINST him as a result of his firing and removal of the security clearances of this bunch of corrupt people, REGARDLESS of their party, is a moron.


In his speech, Brennan said “to practice our faith freely” is an aspiration that “we all share.” That’s not totally honest. If that is truly an aspiration that the people of a nation have, then that nation will guarantee freedom of religion, as the US does.

But Muslim nations, like the ones he talked about, not only do not guarantee freedom of religion, they will literally kill anyone who changes his religion from Muslim to anything else. That’s not freedom of religion. We don’t share any aspect of that aspiration. This is not a minor detail. He studied Arabic, he surely knows this.


Flynn may or may not have been coerced - FAXTOID: he pled guilty. Trump is in politics, whether you want to believe it or not.

My point - Trump should not have rolled out what so obviously appears to be a political hit list in the manner he did. It does his case no good.

If you aren’t guilty (and I don’t think he is), than stop acting like it.


Of COURSE Flynn was coerced! Have you been ASLEEP since January 2017??? It’s well-known that Strozk had driven him to bankruptcy, causing him to have to sell his home, and that he and Comey were THREATENING to go after his son as well so Flynn simply agreed to plead guilty to get them off of his back and the backs of his family, even though we’ve since found out that some of the FBI people involved had STATED that they didn’t believe Flynn had lied in his FBI statements. Faced with financial ruin and the ruin and possible incarceration of my entire family, I’D probably plead guilty to the Lindberg kidnapping to save them. And THAT’S a “factoid.”

I never denied that President Trump is “in politics.” I’ve said that he’s NO POLITICIAN, and most of us wouldn’t have it any other way.


His speech ALMOST admitted that he is a Moslem. Consider “to practice our faith freely”, he was speaking to a Moslem audience and he didn’t say “to practice your faith freely” which would have a different connotation in this context. His faith? He is not a Christian or Jew. He took his oath of office on The Constitution not the Bible. There are numerous, off the record, statements from former CIA people that he is a Moslem.

When I first saw the movie Zero Dark Thirty I wondered if the character they called “The Wolf” might be Brennan. But, according to this article he is Michael D’Andrea aka Ayatollah Mike.


And the NYT has reported that Ayatollah Mike will be running the agency’s Iran operations.

I am amazed that Moslem converts make it to important positions in the CIA. I am amazed and alarmed that they ever took Brennan who voted for Gus Hall (CPUSA) at the height of the Cold War.

Go figure.


So, Papadave - Do you disagree with me that it would have been better if Trump had rolled out these revocations in the manner I suggested in my original response to this thread - that he educate the voters regarding the insanity of having 5.1 million Americans with clearances, that he enumerate valid reasons for revoking Brennan’s clearance and the clearances of the others on his list and to rationally appoint a respected individual, say Pence, to head a group to set guidelines/recommendations concerning the granting of clearances as well as their revocation?

I hope Trump’s political petulence doesn’t cost us the House - that is my concern right now - if it does, we will likely have several more months of the Mueller investigation and the added “pleasure” of having a protracted impeachment in the House - little of benefit to the country will get done.

That would be a big price to pay for petulance.

One final point - I think we need to understand that most people do NOT follow this stuff like you, me and several others on this board. Thus the need for Trump to better explain who, what, where and why he does some of the things he does. IMHO - tweets are a piss poor way to communicate.



I’m not going to get into the whole debate, as there is much that is beyond my knowing in it. But on this particular item, it’s been pointed out that with a hostile media and without tweets, Trump wouldn’t have a reliable way to communicate with the public (however awkwardly he does so sometimes).


I honestly don’t care if Flynn lied or not, he clearly wasn’t upfront about it, and that’s enough. The guy was a foreign agent for Turkey and he didn’t disclose that connection before advising Trump & the State Department about what they should be doing about Turkey. He can have the book thrown at him however they like.