Obama supplied his guests with weed

Leaked Video Shows That Obama Supplied His Guests With Weed Before His ‘Super Spreader’ Birthday Bash Started

If it works … there is a direct link to the video below.
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If this is true. Who cares?

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Huge party.
No masks.
Sharing weed with friends.

Fauci is bitching about the motorcyclists gathering in Sturgis but not a peep about Obama’s Super Spreader party!

Everyone … uh except the elites will wear their masks!

I’d say that everyone should care!?

Super spreader?..

Looked like it was outside, further, how many of the people at the party weren’t vaccinated? Far as I know, it’s on the unvaccinated (in most places) that are required to wear masks outdoors and even indoors in other places.

No, the “super spreader” events belong to the states where Republicans are the vast majority. Mostly in the south.

Cuz ya know. fReEdOmZ!

Well, at least part of the reason is that only a few hundred people including staff attended Obama’s party (as csb pointed out likely vaccinated and even wearing masks in parts of the original video you shared) vs. Sturgis with an average attendance of over 500,000 (many of whom are likely unvaccinated and anti-mask).

Kind of a weak comparison.

Your title made it sound like you take issue with the marijuana use. Are you mad they provided wine to the guests as well?

I certainly do. Pot isn’t nearly as innocuous as its proponents claim. Between the direct effects and being a gateway drug, it’s all a crock. And unless it was somehow legalized on Martha’s Vineyard, he’s breaking the law. A fine example that is.

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People who know his past know that Obama was a hippie who was mentored by violent radical hippies like Bill Ayers who headed up the violent Weather Underground in the 1960s and ‘70s. Obama put some tissue paper over his true beliefs after he got into politics, but the truth showed when he made speeches to his favorite constituency, the far left. There he spoke about Americans “clinging to their guns and Bibles.”

The fact that he supplied pot to his guests at his 60th birthday bash is hardly a surprise. It’s in his blood and his culture.


I really don’t care what Obama does. I don’t care who he does it with. If they all smoked crack for hours more power to them. What people don’t like are all these coof-ists screaming and soiling themselves over how covid is the end of the world unless you get vaccinated today even though the vaccines don’t work.

If you want to have a brunch with 5 friends then you are throwing humanity in the garbage and you are a murderer and a mean person and probably a trump supporter. BUT, if you’re a WEALTHY and FAMOUS democrat you can do whatever you want. THAT is why people are angry about this. His party was a lot more than 5 people. They weren’t wearing masks. As a sidenote I guess they were all getting high, which is another thing the media would freak out about conservatives doing.

I’M upset about this because us NORMAL people are treated like murdering criminals for having a gathering under 10. Famous people can throw parties for hundreds and it’s okay, because they support abortion and communism. I don’t believe in the notion of a “super spreader” event that’s just a term thrown around to cause more fear mongering. Day to day life is a super spreader event and it happens everyday.

If you want the coof to govern absolutely everything you think and do then by all means go ahead. Please don’t dictate what the rest of us who aren’t afraid are supposed to do. And for the love of god don’t host gigantic drug parties for the wealthy where no coof precautions are taken while bloviating about how concerned you are.


It actually is legal in Massachusetts for recreational use. It’s actually legal recreationally in 18 states already. Won’t be long now until it’s legal everywhere.

Inside a tent is what my news said.