Obama Tells Israel Not To Fight Back After Latest Terror Attack


The State Department underscored its condemnation of an attack on civilians at a Tel Aviv market on Thursday, but cautioned the Israeli government to “exercise restraint” as it vows to increase security control over the West Bank and its residents.
“We understand the Israeli government’s desire to protect its citizens after this kind of terrorist attack,” said Mark Toner, a spokesman for the State Department. “We would just hope that any measures that Israel takes would be designed to not escalate tensions any further, but we certainly respect their desire to express outrage and to protect the safety of their people.”

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Our muslim in chief does not want to get his “bros” hurt.


The ONLY way to protect oneself from a society that WELCOMES death if they can kill someone from a rival society is to go ahead and kill 'em. That’s as much “restraint” as ANYONE should expect from the Israelis.


Israel should kill them all and let allah sort it out.


I shared this article on facebook and it explains the vicious cycle Hamas is putting everyone in.

Hamas Is Ready for War with Israel | Foreign Policy

Obama, you have proven over and over again that you are, in fact, not with us.


Obama, you have proven over and over again that you are, in fact, not with us.

I can’t understand why so many Jewish people continue to support Obama and Democrats. Obama’s treatment of Israel has been atrocious. The Iran nuclear deal should have been the last straw, but I’m willing to bet that the Democrats will once more carry the majority of the Jewish vote. The Jewish people should know that this is not your father’s Democrat Party.


Jews vote for Obama and liberal at about a 70%+ rate. Like you I have often wondered about this. I have had many Jewish friends over many years and I can assure you NONE of them would ever vote for Obama or Hitlery.

2 years ago I was on a fact finding mission to Israel with about 15 Jews, they were like minded and I asked some of them the WHY and they all had a different idea but none were sure why and most of all really did not understand it. I have also talked with a prominent writer (Daniel Greenfield) who is Jewish and he cannot really explain it.

But there is a thread that seems to weave it way thru those that vote left and its the old and tired, but far from true that Hitler and the Nazi movement was a far right wing effort. Even I too believed that for many years until I became interested in the Nazis and Hitler and did a lot of research and study…one could say there are some right leaning things in the doctrine, but we can save same or vice versa in any major movement. If you add it up its not or even close to a right wing movement, never was, never will be, but its hung on to and promulgated by the far left and has been since WWII.


I think that a lot of the Jewish vote has to do with the discrimination Jewish people faced from the White, Protestant, Republican majority years ago. My brother-in-law lives in a very wealthy neighborhood, Haverford, Pennsylvania. The country club to which he belongs used be “the Jewish country club” because the Christians would not allow the Jewish people to join the clubs they had formed. Today the membership in the club is very mixed, but political affiliations die hard. If your parents were Democrats, you tend to be a Democrat.

The Democrats have become less sympathetic toward Israel slowly in the past couple of decades. Some African-Americans have taken on an anti-Jewish attitude. Remember when Jessie Jackson made his “Hymietown” comment? That was indicative of an attitude, and as the African Americans have gained more power within the Democrat Party, it has come into full flower under Obama, the African-American community organizer.


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I shared this article on facebook and it explains the vicious cycle Hamas is putting everyone in.

Hamas Is Ready for War with Israel | Foreign Policy

Obama, you have proven over and over again that you are, in fact, not with us.
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Of course you have to ask, how in the world did they vote for ObuttBoy TWICE??? and will vote for HiTler?

As for the country club thing, dunno, not saying it did not go on, but over my life I have known very few people that ever belonged to a CC. Most of the ones I knew were avid if not very serious golfers and nothing else. Those I knew like that and I have some friends now that other than play golf they don’t involve themselves at all. Note most CC offer a Golf membership.

I was a member of a CC. So why did I join? The club sat on a rather large long lake here in Texas and they had a private marina that had its own ramp, gas station and a connivence store. The public marina was at the dam end and after begging more than once to be allowed to buy gas I finally joined. Where I lived I used the only other public ramp at the opposite end of the lake which was almost a full tank of fuel to go down to the public marina with gas. Other than the marina I had no involvement at all. I think that may be the bulk of folks that join CC’s its for a certain amenity and you could care less about the rest. Many clubs offer Golf, Tennis and even pool memberships. The friends I have like me are NOT CC folks at all!