Obama - The Man Who Knew Nothing


Isn’t it amazing?

Barack Obama wants everyone to believe that he knew nothing about the sh*tstorms that have surfaced and are continuing to surface all around him - Fast & furious, Benghazi, IRS’s selective targetting of conservative groups, Justice Department’s frontal assault on the 1st ammendment (AP/FOX News/James Rosen), etc., - yet somehow he knows enough to decide it’s in everyone’s best interest that he ram Obamacare up everyone’s . . . !!

AG - Eric Holder - the man Obama has placed in charge of investigating Eric Holder regarding the 1st ammendment issue (yes, that’s right) - is at the center of much of these never-ending debacles (and perhaps others yet to surface). The Attorney General serves at the pleasure of the President of the United States. Under the circumstances and in light of the fact that Eric Holder remains the chief law enforcement officer in the United States, one has to conclude that it pleasures Pres. Obama that Eric Holder continues to serve as Attorney General.

Incompetency on a grand scale.


According to Liberals, 0bama is the smartest man to ever be in the Whitehouse. How can he be so smart and so ignorant at the same time?


No liberals seem to want to answer this question.


No liberal wants to accept the premise that “According to Liberals, 0bama is the smartest man to ever be in the Whitehouse,” mostly because that isn’t true. Obama is not the smartest man to ever be in the White House. Far from it.


It works in the reverse also, all the conservatives who talk about how dumb he is and then also accuse him of being the mastermind behind multiple scandals and cover ups.


There are plenty of liberals that talk about how smart Obama is, though not many use the qualifier smartest. The topic of smartest president might make a fun discussion thread. Although the practical results might by a bit boring. A comprehensive study of presidential IQs (done pre-Obama) has every president qualifying for MENSA. It has GWB as the 2nd “dumbest” president at an IQ of 139 right next to George Washington at 140


Not W. We all know he was a dumb hillbilly. [/sarcasm]


No, I don’t accuse him of being the mastermind; but I certainly believe him to be a willing participant.


It strikes me that some here are confusing intelligence and competency. I think anyone who can rise to the level of POTUS has to be intelligent. However, rising to that level doesn’t guarantee competency.

I think Obama, and many in his administration are probably quite “bright”. On the other hand, based on outcomes I think it is very clear that Obama and many of his administrators are demonstrably incompetent - with some even corrupt. What is even more disturbing than Obama claiming to be deaf, dumb and blind to the miscreant behavior within his administration is the fact that his department heads and managers within the agencies involved claim to have been deaf, dumb and blind as well. We are being asked to believe that no one knew anything. They are either stupid or incompetent or corrupt or a combination of all three. Take your pick. Personally, I don’t think they are stupid - incompetent, perhaps corrupt and most certainly arrogant.


Yeah, intelligence does not guarantee competence, nor leadership skills. I don’t know what O’s IQ is (I would be doubtful of any figure given me, anyway, since he (along with his handlers) has tried to make sure no one knows anything for sure about him), but I’ll give him an “Absolutely!” on all three of those “qualities”: Incompetence, Corrupt, and Arrogance.


I haven’t heard that one in so long that I near forgot it existed.

Sincerely, Mike, you have a keen ability to see through a matter, and express it concisely.


Thank you, 2cent. Frankly, I think the case can be made to the American people quite easily, that although the investigation of these various scandals will go forward and lead to wherever/whomever they lead, based on facts that are currently known and demonstrable it is clear that Obama, Holder, Hillary and several others within the administration (past and present) do not possess the competency necessary to lead the country. At this point in the process the Repubs should be talking daily about how/why these many and VERY serious scandals demonstrate a lack of competency on the part of the Obama administration - and how they signal an administration/BIG government out of control.

One eats an apple one bite at a time. It is a mistake to attempt to eat it all at once. A case is generally built from the bottom up, not the top down.


Most Americans are not concerned with this as long as it doesn’t affect them. As long as half the population doesn’t pay taxes and get their free stuff, we are stuck with commies like 0bama and his minions.


I agree that it is really difficult to determine just how much attention many/most folks are paying to these dramatic and far-reaching debacles/power grabs. Two things are certain as far as I’m concerned. First, elections have consequences. Second, individuals tend to vote in in their PERCIEVED self interest. Until the folks come to recognize that what is occurring is NOT in their long-term self interest, but is a frontal assault on their freedom we will continue to have an expansion of the size and scope of government and a steady drift toward a nanny state where politicians of all stripes will see fit to replace your personal choices with ones they select for you without regard to the systemic selectivity inherent within a free market context. That’s right, buddy - no more 32 oz Big Gulps for your butt!! And, unless you want to be the recipient of an IRS audit, shut the hell up!!


It’s that last bit that’ll get us every time. The extraordinary power of the IRS is why I was always in favor of the FAIRTax. It’s the only system of taxing that dilutes that power.
Not wanting to get into a taxing debate here, I’ll run with something that happened just last night.
Mr. 2 asked if I’d be in favor of not filing, period. Reason being, it seemed crazy to pay into an agency that has obviously broken the law, and are under investigation, themselves.
We went for a good, long walk. At the end of which I said, “Sorry, Dear, I’m too scared.”

As to people voting in their perceived self-interest, you’re right, of course. Sadly, as you inferred, too many voters don’t even know what that (perceived) self-interest is.


While I don’t dismiss the competency issue, and indeed BHO and his minions have demonstrated clearly that they are incompetent WHEN ADMINISTERING THE REINS OF GOVERNMENT, there is another “intelligence” issue at play here.

There are several types of “intelligence”: book learnin’, memory, street-smarts, management, etc.

Each has some skills in common with the other, but each is unique in many ways.

One of the forms that BHO and his minions fail at is “management”, hence the incompetence in running the government. If BHO ever leaves the public sector and tries to manage a business in the private sector, I would likely be safe in my prediction that he would fail quickly.

However, he and his Chicago thugs (especially Axelrod) are well skilled in CORRUPT POLITICS, and would score high in an intelligence test on CORRUPT POLITICS. This I think is one reason why he has slithered out from under so many scandals. (One of the essential elements of CORRUPT POLITICS is how to lie and get away with it. Another is how to throw your expendable associates under the bus. BHO is highly skilled and intelligent in BOTH elements.)

So while he may be intelligent when it comes to book learnin’, and stupid when it comes to common sense and management, his overarching skill and intelligence is in Chicago street-smart CORRUPT POLITICS. In that arena, he IS competent.

So far it has saved his bacon. I think the best chance for his demise there is if he gets too cocky and is emboldened to think that his CORRUPT POLITICIAN skills can defeat each of the crises he has precipitated. So far, he has avoided being caught, but with each “success” in evading accountability (and throwing others under the bus is a skill he relies on heavily there), he may be more convinced he’s invulnerable.

So, in a way the Fast and Furious thing, the Benghazi thing, the IRS thing, the AP thing, may all be building up to that crescendo event where his over-confidence becomes his downfall. The only question may be: How many more Benghazi type lives will it take 'till he reaches that point?


Very well put BobJam!

Chicago came to the White house!


It is clear that we have an incompetent and significantly corrupt government. However, in order for this level of governmental ineptitude and dishonesty to exist requires the administration to have a RECEPTIVE AUDIENCE - an audience that in November of 2012 was willing to overlook/ignore the information available at the time about Fast & Furious, Benghazi, the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), etc. This receptive audience is known as the electorate - 50+% of which was/is apparently as deaf, dumb and blind as those folks running our government.

I think I’ll puke the next time I hear a politician, Dem or Repub, say he/she has faith in the American people to assess conditions/situations and respond in a manner that would make proud those who have given their last full measure of devotion to preserve our freedom.


His biggest mistake may have been going after the AP - the very people blocking and running defense for him.

That story got awfully quiet, so I was glad to read that they turn down Holder’s invitation to an off the record kiss and make up love fest.


[quote=“Seravee, post:7, topic:39688”]
Not W. We all know he was a dumb hillbilly. [/sarcasm]
[/quote]Yep, a dumb hillbilly that handed the Dems their arses, TWICE.