Obama to abandon Isreal


The State Department will have to stop humanitarian aid to millions of people,** cut foreign assistance to Israel**, and delay efforts to ramp up diplomatic security abroad after the Sept. 11 attack in Benghazi, if sequestration goes into effect next month, according to Secretary of State **John Kerry.

**At the beginning of March, across-the-board cuts to all discretionary spending accounts will go into effect, based on the 2011 Budget Control Act and the failure of the “supercommittee” to agree upon discretionary budget cuts in 2012. Congressional appropriators are planning to reorganize those cuts when the continuing resolution that has been temporarily funding the government expires at the end of March, a GOP Congressman told *The Cable.

Kerry warns of serious sequestration cuts for State and USAID | The CableNo mention of cutting aid to Egypt or other Mideast countries. Remember we are supplying military hardware and money to countries that want to destroy Israel***


OR he could just choose not to pay our UN dues…and do the RIGHT thing by withdrawing from the organization. Problem solved.


This is more Democratic scare mongering.
I say hold the line, no caving ti the left, let the cuts happen, and let Obama take the heat.
We’ll survive.


Surprisingly…Somehow 55 billion in discretionary cuts to a 3.6 TRILLION $$ budget does not sound like the end of the world to most folks.

Lets hope our REPS honor their constituents wishes.


Cutting aid to Israel would not be a problem if Dems felt the same way about cutting aid to Egypt, Pakistan and Libya. Unfortunately, they do not and RINO Republicans agree with them.

We must stand with Senators Paul, Lee, Cruz and Scott against giving our taxpayer dollars to anti-semitic Islamists.


It’s despicable; Obama’s hatred of Israel is tantamount to hatred of America. America is, and has been since the turn of the previous century, the vanguard of western democracy and liberty. Israel is now the vanguard of potential democracy and liberty in the Middle East - and it has been, during its brief existence, since the ancient times when King David’s Israel ruled the Middle East.

I know I speak for others when I say that I feel it is America’s duty, as a world leader, to support democracy and liberty - it isn’t about Jews or Muslims, it’s about democratic Israel vs. racist, fascist Islamic dictatorships that wish to literally wipe it off the map. The Israelis of today are like the Sons of Liberty during the War of Independence; and if Obama abandons them, what does that say about how he would have treated the Sons of Liberty?


Doesn’t look like it:

U.S., Israel To Negotiate Military Aid Extension | Defense News | defensenews.com

The pending 10-year military aid package would commit Washington to provide up to $40 billion in additional Foreign Military Financing (FMF) grant assistance to Israel, sources here say. It would automatically kick in at the conclusion of the current 10-year, $30 billion agreement signed in 2007 under President George W. Bush and would bind Obama’s successor to continued military aid to Israel.

Obama and others are just interested in stirring the pot by fueling a Middle Eastern arms race. I don’t think he cares about Israel but he isn’t reducing their money. Personally I would end all aid to the middle east in order to calm things down.


Cut all foreign aid to everyone until our budget is balanced and our debt is paid off, then we can talk about sending money overseas.


You don’t want to pay off all the debt. If you do, your previously debtees have no interest in the United States economy. Owing money to investors or other countries or the public makes those parties have a financial incentive in the economic health of the country. What you do want to do is decrease the deficit, so that debt can be controllable.


Poppycock. If we got out of debt from China, you think they wouldn’t still be keenly interested in the well-being of the economy of their biggest export customer?

On edit: For that matter, if we got out of debt, who would give a crap about them anyway? Our economy would take care of itself if the government wasn’t spending our future.


Yes, you do. Debt = future taxation.


The government isn’t self-sufficient. Having not only other countries, but the public as well, be owed money by the U.S. gives monetary incentive to see the U.S. do well. Like a credit card company, debtees do not want to see debtors go broke.


How so? The U.S. has had debt for as long as it has existed.



As to the credit card company analogy, guess what: families without credit cards are generally better off than those who have them and keep a balance on them. The latter may have a great credit score, but who cares? They’re still in debt. Financial debt is NOT a good thing to incur for its own sake.


It truly amazes me the depth of ignorance.
But this is about Obama abandoning Israel. Obama will not abandon Israel. just let them hang until Israel says enough. Obama is enough of a politician to see certain advantages to keeping Israel as a pet, not necessarily as an ally. Israel , I believe, does see the smoke in all this.


The primary difference being that the United States can affect the economy much more easily than a family with a credit card, and the Federal reserve can effectively buy debt.

This reasoning behind having some debt was why Alexander Hamilton wanted to build up a national debt early.


I’m not at all sure what you’re trying to say, but the family’s credit card can certainly affect the family’s economy (usually in a decidedly negative way).


All debt is a future tax liability. It will be collected in one of two ways: confiscation of income (income taxes for example) or through inflation (a tax on purchasing power).