Obama To Black Voters: If You Don't Vote This Election, It's An Insult To Me


You know Hillary Clinton is in trouble when two things happen: 1. People chant “four more years” to Michelle Obama at a campaign event for Clinton 2. President Obama shames black voters to actually vote this election season. Yeah, that actually happened at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation gala last night, the president said it would be a persona insult to him and his legacy if blacks don’t vote in this election. The vote shaming has begun (via The Hill):

Keep this in mind about obama’s legacy. Remember the bombing that are occurring, remember the dying of our soldier who are considered the enemy by this administration , remember the economy sinking, remember the taxes that are demanded to pay our enemies, and more. Now think of another administration led by someone who would continue in the footsteps of obama.

Yea right obama you stand as an advertisement of what is wrong and need to be corrected. If nothing else your narcissistic attitude points out that we need to undo everything you have created.


0bama says, “It’s all about me.”

They can’t have anyone straying away from the plantation.


Blatant race politics by Obama and the Democrats.

Imagine the justifiably apoplectic reaction if Trump were to have said, " I will take it as an insult if white people don’t vote for me."

Obama’s racist minister, Jerimiah Wright, was correct - “the chickens have come home to roost” - but not as he meant. They have come home to roost as a result of electing Barack Obama TWICE.

Racial tension in this nation hasn’t been so high since the 50s/60s. Barack Obama and his irresponsible, INTENTIONAL rhetoric over the last 8 years is significantly responsible - IMHO.


Now obama is bragging about the sweet deal with Iran in which they were given over a bilion dollars and do not have to abide by any rules and have been openly provoking the U.S. Remember this is a legacy he wants to admire.


If You Don’t Vote This Election, It’s An Insult To Me
Does anyone else wonder what that means. Oh I get what the words say but I wonder what’s behind them. For instance:
Are Obama (& the democrats) worried that black people are finally seeing through them?
Are they afraid that they will lose part or a lot of the black vote?
Are they admitting that this isn’t going to be a run away election for them?
Are they afraid of a run away election against them?
Do they think that it’s so close that every vote will make a difference?
I’ve said all along that those not in either party that will win this election for Trump. I find it interesting that there are so many Trump haters in the republican camp. I think the reason is that he didn’t pander to all of the fractions of the republican camp like some of the others tried to do. He just said what he thought & hoped that people will listen & they did. I just find it interesting that so many people aren’t able to see the big picture in this election. They would rather have a chance to vote for their candidate even if he doesn’t have a snowballs chance rather than someone that doesn’t pander to their views who could win. I find that strange.


If You Don’t Vote This Election, It’s An Insult To Me
Oh & I just have to add that I LOVE the logic of that sentence.
It’s an insult to me (a black man) if you don’t vote for a white woman this election. I have to say that I find that funny!


I’m convinced of three things:

First, Obama truly believes he has done an excellent job as president. He has a “nuclear deal” with Iran and he has Obamacare and he credits his actions with saving the US economy that many feel was on the brink in 2007.

Second, given the events his policies have set in motion, it is unavoidable that history will judge his presidency as a disaster.

Third, historians will rightly point out the lack of intelligence and utter gullibility demonstrated by 21st century Americans.


In the final analysis the books will read: The most Successful-Failure in all of written history. On Obama cocktail circuit which includes George Soros and a plethora of extreme far left radicals they drink deeply from the cup of communism as they toast him. The actions he put in motion over his 8 years cannot be undone any more than what has been seen cannot be unseen. Yes we can negate his illegal EO’s but that is but a drop in the bucket. He fomented and promulgated an atmosphere of hate and superiority of the govt over its people, he made lying under oath a badge of courage and he took propaganda to a level not seen since the days of the USSR.

His success was nothing less than amazing and stunning…


**Third, historians will rightly point out the lack of intelligence and utter gullibility demonstrated by 21st century Americans. **
He’s a weak man that seems to truly believe in the concept of appeasement. I have to wonder if as a child he went to school & marched up to the first bully he saw & handed over his lunch money?
Sadly part of the make up of every politician (but one) who becomes the head of a country is that they are almost universally forceful & those are the people that Obama has to deal with. Oh he may get agreements that he wants but sadly he doesn’t seem to understand that they aren’t worth the paper they are put on.
Also sadly he is a typical democrat in that he seems to only see the surface of a problem. He will allow (or even help) another country to get nukes IF they promise not to use them. He never thinks why do they want them if they are never going to use them? Obama is a true bleeding heart liberal who means well but is inept on everything he does. Oh sure I’ll pay ransom to get our people back & I’ve saved lives. He doesn’t see that he has just put a value on the heads of every American that can be kidnapped. How many people will die in the future because of that action?
I believe that our country is at a tipping point. No, we won’t stop existing after this election. But the actions by the next president will probably either save us as a country or put us in a downward spiral that no future president can reverse. Meaning well with your actions no longer cuts the mustard. We can’t afford another well meaning socialist idiot. It’s not a sex thing nor is it a color thing it’s a time to elect someone that has a clue thing.
We have one of the highest business taxes in the world & good old Hillary has already stated that she wants to raise business taxes again. She will do the same thing on taxpayers because the democrats spending socialism programs will need money. (You just can’t say that up front & get elected, you say that you will take it from the 1% & businesses). You can’t go on spending more than you take in & borrowing forever. (look at western European countries taxes & see what they have to pay for their social programs). So what will happen when that comes to pass. Well we sell less overseas because our products are more expensive. And we will sell less here in the states because people will have less money. One plus one DOES equal two. And because we sell less both places that means even higher taxes until we stop the craziness. Just my thoughts based off of living in 2 socialist countries for 8 years.




This shows just how big of an egotistical jack ass Barack Obama is. The man has done nothing for the Black community. If anything he’s made it harder for African-Americans to get jobs because of all of the low wage illegal aliens he’s let into the country. Unemployment among Black youths is as high as 50% in some areas, and yet the Black community is supposed to flock to polls to elect Hillary who cares even less about them.

In the mean time Obama has made race relations in this country worse. He should be ashamed of his record. The Black Panthers are out in force again, and Black Lives Matter is even worse. At least Panthers gave breakfasts to young children. All BLM does is chant about how they want more dead cops.

And has Obama done? He’s stoked the fires of racial unrest with his intemperate pronouncements and fly off the handle reactions before he knows the facts.
Obama has been nothing but a community organizer who is mostly interested in stirring up trouble.


And that is how this whole thing got started, and what will control THIS election . . . COUNT ON IT.

The low-information voter (read the MORONS that politicians rely on) will continue to reign. They ain’t all of a sudden gonna get smart by November.

Everything that’s been said in this thread about Obama is . . . TRUE. But we can all scream this stuff from the rooftops, and all it will be is a huge echo chamber.

When you say this stuff to Dems, all they do is spit back the party line. They will never GET IT . . . they’re just too stupid and always will be.


**When you say this stuff to Dems, all they do is spit back the party line. They will never GET IT . . . they’re just too stupid and always will be.
When you say this stuff to Dems, all they do is spit back the party line. They will never GET IT . . . they’re just too stupid and always will be.
When you say this stuff to Dems, all they do is spit back the party line. They will never GET IT . . . they’re just too stupid and always will be.
When you say this stuff to Dems, all they do is spit back the party line. They will never GET IT . . . they’re just too stupid and always will be.
When you say this stuff to Dems, all they do is spit back the party line. They will never GET IT . . . they’re just too stupid and always will be. **
I don’t know. It just seemed to me that BobJam said something worth repeating a few times. (wink)


Yes, I think he does. That only ads to my delight that much of Trump’s platform directly states that he will undo the damage done by Obama.


The trouble is I’ve read enough history books to know that historian’s opinions and observations are colored by their political point of view. Given that the colleges are mostly indoctrinating young students to be “progressives” these days, most of the history books might well portray Obama as the second coming of Franklin Roosevelt.

A second aspect of this is that political correctness is really a polite term for government sponsored propaganda. As the first Black president, Obama will have 3.9999 balls on his pitch count so that it will be easy for him to draw a walk. If Obama hits a pop-up to the infield, it will be called a homerun. I am afraid that we are headed into an era when government propaganda will take over the narrative from the news you see and hear to the history books you read.

Things might blow up after this. Iran and North Korea are probably going to drop the bomb somewhere before too many years. The blame should be rightly shared by the presidents who gave into North Korea repeatedly from Clinton onward, and, for Iran, to Obama because of his hideous nuclear deal and his subsequent funding to the terrorist Islamic state to the tune of billions of dollars. But he won’t get the blame. Bush or perhaps Trump will if he wins the election.

I look at the CBS Evening News every night. Their political reporting is totally in the tank for Hillary. Every night they have positive stories for Hillary while they find fault with everything Trump does. This is supposed to be “the good” network. MSNBC is worse.

P.S. Back in 2011 or so, my wife gave me a special edition Newsweek magazine, as a Christmas stocking stuffer, that rated the top ten presidents. Among the presidents from 1789 to 1899, only Abraham Lincoln made the list. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson did not make the cut. **OBAMA was rated as #9 with the “potential” to be much greater. **Need I say more about how the propagandists can re-write history?


Point well taken. Also, the Communist Nobel Committee was so thrilled with Obama’s potential that they gave him a Nobel Peace Prize (like they gave to Yasser Arafat).

But Trump’s Reaganesque plans and pronouncements give him the potential to be a truly great president if he lives up to them. And if the dollar collapses on his watch, as some are predicting, and he pulls us through it, even Newsweek (if it survives) will rate him highly.


Unparalleled inspiration is something. Ideals are more important than substantive results. And I have been the most inspirational president of all time.

I got 97% of the black vote. The only other time I’ve seen numbers like that, was when the other Hussein held an election. And even Saddam only got 98% of the vote.
So I think it’s fair to expect some fealty from them.

I certainly understand why some folks are reluctant to vote for Hilary. They’ve had the amazing opportunity to vote for one of the greatest presidents of all time, back-to-back. It can be hard going from kobe beef, to ground chuck. But they’ll get used to it.


What hole did you crawl out of!? Just once I thought we would get through an election cycle without seeing your face!


You are correct. I hadn’t thought of it, but as you say, the revisionist historians (who decorate the halls of LIBERAL academia) will fawn over Barry. Mike’s prediction that historians will see the 21st century electorate as fools is, unfortunately, off. They will see these dummies as . . . BRILLIANT!

Also, I have tuned into CNN a few times (when FOX is on commercial) and they are much as you say CBS is. Sickening how they outright favor Hitlery . . . they don’t even hide it. Very obvious.


obama’s legacy. Strife, civil unrest, people at each other’s throats, attacks on religion, Islamic attacks as a daily occurrence, military diminished to gay boys and girls, the world laughing at the U.S., and more yeah something he can go down in history as his glorious days. Michelle telling the world how tough it was being First Lady and how she suffered.

obama as he sitting surrounded by secret service smiling broadly of his accomplishments.